Are you attempting Wordle online?


There has been so much on social media about the word puzzle called Wordle. I was intrigued and thought I would give it a go. First I had to find out which particular Wordle it was as there are several apps you can use or you can opt for Wordle online.

Screenshot 2022-02-01 at 7.45.01 pm

I discovered that the one I wanted was Wordle online as it restricts you to one puzzle a day so you don’t get trapped doing puzzle after puzzle.


The aim is to work out what the five letter word is in as few tries as possible, less than six. Obviously there are various strategies you can use but I am loving the challenge and I like the fact that you have to wait until the next day to access the next word.

You can access it at Just do a search for Wordle online.

Let me know if you have given it a try.

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  1. Hi there, yes I have just started doing it last week and am enjoying it for the same reasons as you. Just the one puzzle a day and it doesn’t take too long. At the moment I’m starting with the same word each day. I’ve done seven so far and got the word each time. My husband and son are doing it too and we compare our results. So I think I’ll keep doing it for now…

    1. suth2 says:

      LIke you I have only been doing it for seven days and have managed to get the word each day. Some days I have managed it only on the last attempt but I did manage it.
      I am hoping it helps to keep my brain active…

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