Kangaroo paws


Since November last year we have had more rain than we usually have during summer.  As a result of this extra rain our garden has grown at an incredible pace.  We have had a profusion of blooms on plants that normally struggle to produce any blooms or only produce a few blooms.  One of those plants is our kangaroo paws.

We have two plants in our garden. One plant produces red blooms and the other produces yellow.

This is the final cutting of blooms from the red plant.  The blooms are actually past their best but still ok to have indoors as a cut flower.

IMG_9363 2

We also have this plant blooming for the first time.  It must have been a well hidden bulb because we didn’t plant it and we have been here for many years.


I believe it may be an amaryllis hippeastrum but really I have no idea.

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