One skein of wool


I recently visited, with my sister-in-law, our local wool shop in Lakes Entrance, Stitches ‘n’ Things. My sister-in-law likes to visit this shop when she comes to visit us.  She invariably buys a fair amount of wool as she doesn’t have such a great selection where she lives.

I said I would go along with her but also said I would not be buying anything as I am still trying to reduce my stash of wool. (Famous last words.)

Obviously I was tempted and I did buy some wool, one skein of King Cole Bamboozle. 

Screen Shot 2022-06-03 at 11.39.16 am

blooms hat-874x297There was a hat on display in the shop and I thought it would make a lovely easy project for an afternoon/evening.

It was so easy to make and I am happy with the result.




I also made the little hat with the remaining wool.  The pattern was on the back of the pattern for the main hat.  If you order the wool online you can also get the free pattern.



My granddaughter happily took the small hat with her after she visited us recently.

Great result from one ball of wool.

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