A tale of woe


Over the years my husband has given me many beautiful pieces of glassware in the form of sculpture, vases or glasses. 


My husband gave me a beautiful L’Alique glass as a gift many years ago.  It is precious to me but I use it whenever we have champagne or sparkling wine.  I should say I used it as alas I will not be using it in the future as I dropped the glass and obviously it broke.

I have decided that as the break was on the stem I can use it as a bell jar and still admire it.  The little animal inside the jar is not a precious piece but the bear alongside is. 

One of the other L’Alique pieces he has given me is this beautiful bell.


I know the glass was broken because I was using it but I would rather have used it over the years than just have it sitting in a cabinet to be admired.

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