A dilapidated door


This particular door is the entry to my workroom.  The door is in a poor state.  The glass rattles when you open and close the door and the paint is peeling.


I am going to attempt to repair the door but as I started to do so it led to many other issues.  I thought it would be a simple case of sanding back the wood on the door and replacing the moulding at the bottom of the glass.

Unfortunately the wood at the bottom of the door is rotten in parts so I will need to address that.

I have looked at a few YouTube videos so I have a bit of an idea on what is involved.

I thought I would check what materials we had on hand in the shed but the only thing I had that will be useful is silicone filler.  I will need to buy some expanding foam and some paint for the door and surrounds.  I do have some primer so that won’t need to be bought.


I had already bought a new weather strip for the bottom of the door to replace the broken one and had bought moulding for around the glass.

You can see what poor condition the paint is in  when you look at this photo.IMG_0090

I got side-tracked when I was checking out our supply of paint etc in the shed and I ended up spending the rest of the day giving the shelves in the shed a thorough clean and taking all the old paint out ready to take to the Paintback collection point at the Bairnsdale waste Station.

Tomorrow I will get rid of the paint and buy some expanding foam, masking tape and paint in readiness for the repairs.

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  1. The door between my garage and the back yard is falling apart and I have been considering how to repair it. Expanding foam…. I can stabilize the bottom where the rotten wood is with foam! I am inspired.
    And I was considering buying a new door… you have inspired me!

    1. suth2 says:

      It will be interesting to see how it goes. I hope it works out ok for me.
      Glad I have inspired you.

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