Getting ready



I have my Tour Guide and this is what was in a parcel I received last week.  I am preparing for a month’s television viewing as it is soon to be the start of the Tour de France.IMG_0083

The package contained beautiful wool.


I am just waiting for the second lot of wool as this wool is very fine and needs to be knitted with a thicker wool.  The wool is due to arrive this week.


This is the pattern I will be knitting.  My elder daughter asked me to knit this particular pattern when I asked her for a project to do.

I don’t think it will take long to knit as it is on huge needles.  I will need another project to knit or crochet during the Tour.  Maybe I will start something for myself.

The pattern is from a website based in Denmark, Petite Knits.

The website has so many beautiful patterns.  It was this website where the very fine wool cardigan pattern   was found for last year’s Tour project.


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  1. I am ready as well for Le Tour project. This week Wimbledon starts. Yeterday Ireland played and lost in their first match on their Rugby tour to New Zealand. the difficulty is trying to fit all the essential chores into the day. Will you have early mornings watching Le Tour live?

    1. suth2 says:

      The Tour coverage starts at 11.30 pm tonight. Most nights I stay up until the stage finishes. Some nights don’t finish until 2.00 in the morning so I am late getting up the next day. The fact I am retired means there is no hurry to be up for work!
      We are spoilt for sport at the moment. I have been watching the Australian cricketers in Sri Lanka.

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