A cleaning job

This water feature was desperately in  need of a clean after winter.  Our son constructed this water feature for us when we first moved here.


The bowl walls were coated in slime and it didn’t look good.

I started by emptying out the bowl and then scrubbing the walls and the bricks that hold the pump pipe in place.

IMG_0421The walls still look a bit dirty but that was the best I could do.

I then added the water to the feature.


It looked lovely and clear but when the fountain was switched on the silt from the water storage below the pot added colour to the water but it still looks much better than it was.


I love the sound of trickling water, particularly in the summer.


The water flows over the edge of the bowl into the reservoir below.

The birds love the water for bathing.

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  1. A water feature is such a nice thing to have in the back yard. So soothing. Luckily my neighbors have one so I. have all the benefits without the chores. How great your son build it.

    1. suth2 says:

      Our son has done several jobs in landscaping our garden. We are very lucky.

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