How to fight entitlement

How to fight entitlement.

When I read this heading it reminded me that I had heard the word entitlement several times in the recent past so I thought the post would be well worth the read.  I have included the link so you can find out for yourself.

I thought it appropriate with Christmas coming up to realise that we shouldn’t all expect everything we would like.  A sense of entitlement applies to adults as well as children.

“The central factor in entitlement is thus not the amount of good stuff in a child’s life, but his or her attitude toward that stuff.

Entitlement is essentially ingratitude, and gratitude is thus its antidote. Where entitlement says, “I’m owed that,” gratitude says, “The world doesn’t owe me anything.” Where entitlement says, “I deserve this,” gratitude says, “Everything I get is a gift.”

I am so fortunate that the members of my family don’t have that sense of entitlement.


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