Thrift shop or op shop find

When recently in Canberra I visited some thrift shops for a look-see.  I did get an amazing bargain.


This is a beautiful piece of Sashiko embroidery and it was priced at $2.50.

You can read about Sashiko embroidery here. 

The embroidery is traditionally constructed with white embroidery thread on an indigo background.  

When I thought about how long it would have taken someone to produce this piece I decided I would surely be able to find a use for it so was about to move to the cashier when one of the attendants told me that there were more pieces in the back storeroom if I would like to have a look.


She explained that the pieces had been donated by the family of a lady who had died.  The family had no one who wanted the pieces and so donated them.

I paid $9 for these six pieces so now I will be able to construct something substantial with more pieces.

If you visit Pinterest  you will see many and varied pieces and uses.Screen Shot 2022-11-27 at 11.49.37 am

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  1. itwasjudith says:

    They are beautiful , I’m glad they found a new loving home

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