Dahlias again


I posted about my purchase of three dahlia tubers a while back so I can now let you know how they have progressed.

We had a very wet Spring which I think gave the plants a good start.  I had also planted the tubers in the vegetable patch where they get watered every day.

The first bloom was Cafe au Lait.

IMG_0909The size of the blooms is what amazed me.  My dad used to grow dahlias but I can’t remember them ever being this size.

The second tuber to bloom was what I had purchased as Black Embers. . . .This is what it should look like.

IMG_3795Unfortunately there must have been a mix up in the tubers because this is the bloom that resulted from the tuber we had.


It is pretty spectacular but not Black Embers.  I contacted the grower and he tells me that this is Show and Tell.  He will get the correct tuber to me next Spring.

Our third tuber was Gange but it hasn’t bloomed yet.  The plant is not as sturdy as the other two but hopefully we will still get some blooms.


There is a wonderfully informative website here.  It gives you all the information you need to know about dahlias in Victoria.

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