A vest from a shirt

My daughter gives me the shirts that her partner has finished using and I usually make a shirt for her daughter but this time I made something a little different.

The paisley material is from the shirt and the polka dot material is from scraps I had. I used some scraps of left over quilting batting and quilted the paisley fabric before constructing the vest.

I used a pattern that had been used to make an outfit for her mother and her sister when they were little.

When we were recently in Scotland we visited Paisley.  You can read about the origin and history of the Paisley pattern here.  It is fascinating how patterns come about and how they go out of fashion and then come back into fashion.


Which one was my favourite?

A while since I last posted about the books I have been reading.  As you can see there are a few but I am still a long way from my Reading Challenge goal.

The Lost Man by Jane Harper ,the author of The Dry and Force of Nature, this is her recently released novel.  It certainly did not disappoint me.  I read it in two sittings.  She encapsulates what it is like to live in the outback on a rural station.  The descriptions are so realistic and the plot line keeps you guessing the whole way through.  This is one that you should definitely put on your list to read.

My reading group introduced me to the books of Liane Moriarty and I was able to borrow Truly, Madly Guilty and  The Husband’s Secret from one of the other book group members.  I loved both of the books and I will be looking out for other titles by her when I next visit the library.

I had previously read   The Forgotten Garden  by Kate Morton and I spied the Secret Keeper when I visited the library so borrowed it.  Another terrific read.

” Shifting between the 1930s, the 1960s and the present, The Secret Keeper is a spellbinding story of mysteries and secrets, theatre and thievery, murder and enduring love.” from Kate Morton website.

The Precipice by Virginia Duigan was long listed for the Miles Franklin Award.  I loved that the story was in the first person and that the protagonist was a cranky, retired school principal.  The setting was in the Australian countryside in the Blue Mountains area.

“After losing her savings in the financial crash, she is forced to sell the dream house she had built for her old age and live on in her dilapidated cottage opposite.

Initially resentful and hostile towards the young couple who buy the new house, Thea develops a flirtatious friendship with Frank, and then a grudging affinity with his twelve-year-old niece, Kim, who lives with them. Although she has never much liked children, Thea discovers a gradual and wholly unexpected bond with the half-Vietnamese Kim, a solitary, bookish child from a troubled background.

Her growing sympathy with Kim propels Thea into a psychological minefield. Finding Frank’s behaviour increasingly irresponsible, she becomes convinced that all is not well in the house. Unsettling suspicions, which may or may not be irrational, begin to dominate her life, and build towards a catastrophic climax.”

Chain of Evidence and Blood Moon by Garry Disher.  I have read a few Garry Disher books and these two titles are part of what is called the Peninsula Series.  The Peninsula being the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.  The books are crime fiction in an Australian setting.

The Dragon Man (1999)
Kittyhawk Down (2003)
Snapshot (2006)
Chain of Evidence (2007)
Blood Moon (2009)
Whispering Death (2012)
Signal Loss (2016)

I still have two more to read.

The Book of Mirrors – When one man’s truth is another man’s lie by E.O. Chirovici was an audio book that I listened to while I was painting our bedroom suite.

“When big-shot literary agent Peter Katz receives an unfinished manuscript entitled The Book of Mirrors, he is intrigued.

The author, Richard Flynn is writing a memoir about his time at Princeton in the late 80s, documenting his relationship with the famous Professor Joseph Wieder. One night in 1987, Wieder was brutally murdered in his home and the case was never solved.

Peter Katz is hell-bent on getting to the bottom of what happened that night twenty-five years ago and is convinced the full manuscript will reveal who committed the violent crime. But other people’s recollections are dangerous weapons to play with, and this might be one memory that is best kept buried.”

Another crime fiction which was enjoyable to listen to while painting.

Tuesday Travels . . .The Kelpies

After visiting the Falkirk Wheel we decided we would walk the tow path along the canal to the Kelpies.  I had been to the Kelpies before but my husband wasn’t with me when I did that trip.The Kelpies are a huge tourist attraction and you can experience it for yourself in this video.

Our walk along the tow path took us past several interesting features.This was in front of a disused distillery.

This one is more difficult to see but these three men were notable for their achievements in Falkirk. it is a pity that the signage was defaced.

On our return to the Falkirk Wheel and our awaiting car we stopped at this great Italian restaurant

and partook of some pizza washed down with an ale for my husband and a cider for me.  The food was delicious.

We didn’t realise that the restaurant had won an award.

The flowers that bloom in the Spring tra la.

This time of year is lovely for flowers to cut for indoor display as well as having a lovely display in the garden.

The irises this year are beautiful.  I split the corms the year before last and so last year we didn’t have many blooms.  This year the blooms are much better.

This dark one is my favourite.

We also have a climbing rose at the front of the driveway.  It really hasn’t done anything for a couple of years but since my husband put in a dripper system on the driveway bed the rose had prospered.  I am hoping it will really take off now.

This little bud is banksia coccinea.  I have posted about it previously.  The bud is taking forever to come out.  I hope it does come out and not remain as a bud and then drop off.  I will certainly post a picture if it eventually blooms.

Misery in Metung

Earlier last week, Melbourne Cup Day to be precise, there was a fire in the main street of the village.  Unfortunately a complex of shops was badly damaged by fire.  At this stage it is not known what the cause of the fire was but the damage is extensive.

The damage doesn’t look too bad in this photo but the next one shows how badly the roof was damaged.

There are several businesses, a restaurant, a bakery, a fish and chip shop and a real estate agent,  that are now unable to operate and this is a blow to the Metung community.  The community will rally around and help in any way they can to get the businesses back on their feet.

The busiest time for these businesses is at Christmas holiday time so I hope they can get something in place for then.  The bakery is the business that will be sadly missed by those who rely on getting their bread without having to drive to Bairnsdale or Lakes Entrance.

Apparently the bakery may be setting up business in temporary premises across the road.  We have heard that the burnt building is to be demolished.

What big eyes you have Grandma. . . .

I have been doing a little bit of sewing recently as a birthday present for our youngest granddaughter.  Her mum suggested a Red Riding Hood cape as a present so that is what I have been making.  The pattern I used was this one but unfortunately it is not in the size required so I had to do a bit of guesswork in where to cut the pattern pieces to adjust for our granddaughter’s size.  No big problem as it all worked out ok.

The fabric was inexpensive but when I went to buy trim I was astounded at the prices.  If I had bought the trim I liked it would have been more expensive than the fabric.  In the end I found two rolls of ribbon in the bargain basket and was able to use that.  I think it looks fine.  I also needed a frog clasp for the neckline.  Unfortunately Spotlight, our haberdashery store, didn’t have any frogs so I am stuck on that point until I think of some other method of closing the neckline. (Update) I remembered that I had bought a couple of frog closures at a closing down sale many, many moons ago so I went for a rifle in my sewing box and sure enough there they were.  The only problem is they were white, not the black I wanted.  I decided to use them anyway and my daughter can change them if she wants to later on.

I am quite happy with the final result.