Do you know what this is?

It is a solenoid.  We inherited a drip irrigation system when we moved into this house nine years ago.  The system has been pretty good and we have only had to have one visit from professionals to fix a  problem we had when an animal had chewed through some wires.  This time the solenoid was the problem.  Each of the solenoids is housed in a box and we haven’t looked into these boxes as there is really no need to.

In future we will make sure we do regular inspections of the boxes as there was a problem in one of the boxes that caused our system to stop working.  When I checked the box I discovered that the solenoid was completely covered with roots from a neighbouring bush.  After I had removed all the offending roots I discovered that the roots had damaged the solenoid.

I was able to go to the irrigation store and buy a new solenoid and my clever husband was able to put the new solenoid in.

All systems are now go.

I have just been looking at some old posts of mine and came across this one.

More activity linked to gardening.

Part of the love of gardening is the enjoyment to be had from the fruits of your labour.  When vegetables and fruit ripen and flowers and bushes bloom you can take the time to enjoy your hard work.

We have had a great crop of tomatoes this year but I only planted the tiny tomatoes, not those that you use for making sauce so I had to buy a box of tomatoes to make our sauce.  I have made a batch of sauce from eight kilos of tomatoes.  I usually cook the sauce in two kilo lots so it was four lots of cooking over a couple of days.

The batch is now waiting for me to put on the labels.

On this previous post you can check out the recipe I use.

Gardening takes time but it is therapeutic.

Much of our time is spent in the garden and one of the jobs that takes a great deal of time is the trimming of our hedge.  I have previously had someone come to trim the hedge but the cost was prohibitive so have reverted to cutting it myself.  Getting the hedge cut now takes up to two or three days to complete as we do it a little at a time.  I usually cut one side and the top as far as I can reach and then my husband cuts the other side and the bits I couldn’t reach on the top.  Between us we manage to finish the job and the exercise is the equivalent to several gym sessions and doesn’t cost us the earth!