Inspired by church windows

I have finished a piece of knitting which was completed from a free pattern from the internet.

The pattern is from

The only downside was that I made the large version where I should have made the smaller version.  The upside is that I have enough wool left over to make the smaller version now.  A win/win situation.

My first visit

We have lived in Gippsland for eight years and I am ashamed to say I have not visited the art gallery in Bairnsdale.  The Gallery is the East Gippsland Gallery and is housed in an 1868 building next to the Court House.

I was prompted to visit after another member at the gym told me about an exhibition that was opening there today.  She had helped to hang the exhibits and was blown away by the quality of the work. I was interested and decided to visit after finishing at the gym. The canvases were ethereal in quality and close inspection was needed to see how much work had been put into the finished piece of art.There was printing merged into the work of the water on the fabric.

The lunar images at the top of the canvases had been sewn onto the fabric.

There were numerous exhibits which displayed the artist’s fine crochet work and needle work.  This exhibit is made from spider egg sacs crocheted together.  The work is displayed beneath a magnifying glass. Beautiful tiny baskets crocheted. You can also see a leaf which has tiny mending on it.Crochet work with fungi.

This is one of the Biosphere series of framed works.

A wonderful exhibition and well worth visiting.  Now I know about the gallery I will make sure I visit each month to see new exhibitions.