My favourite illustrator again.

I have posted before about the Australian illustrator Robert Ingpen and mentioned a book called Wonderlands.  I was lucky enough to find the book at a much reduced price when we were in Melbourne visiting our elder daughter and her family.  A great bargain.

I just love his artwork.

From Wind in the Willows.

I am enjoying dipping into the book as it makes me happy when I look at the illustrations.


New growth appearing

We were fortunate that the bushfires didn’t reach Metung but the hot weather did a bit of damage to our gardens here.  Many plants suffered in the heat, even the Australian native plants and we lost a few of our less well established plants to the heat.  One of the plants that we thought had died was a banksia which we had planted in the new garden beds I created back in August last year out the front of the house.

The banksia’s leaves are generally leathery and after the hot days they were crisp.

We thought it was dead but I have continued to hand water the plants as we are now on water restrictions.  I was delighted to see that the plant is still alive and there are many new shoots.  Hopefully it will put on a spurt of growth as we have had a little rain today.

Bicycles, a car park and Mad Max

Why, you may ask, do I have a photo of a bike with no wheels?  It all relates to Mad Max, the movie.

This is one of the car parks at the University of Melbourne.

If you were perhaps wondering about the notice on the bicycle frame this is what it says.

There were a few abandoned bicycles in the carpark.

Certainly a clever piece of architecture and a wonderful car and bike parking facility.

Do you know what this tree is?

When we were recently in Traralgon we went for a walk through Victory Park.  We noticed this beautiful tree in bloom and none of us knew what type of tree it was.  Can you help me out with a name?

The blossom reminded me a little of wild clematis but this is a tree not a climber.

Look at this bike trail.

How smooth is that?

For some time now the condition of the surface of our local bike trail has left much to be desired.  There were many potholes and the ride was rather rugged.  We have been fortunate in having the trail resurfaced recently so now all is smooth on the ride from Nicholson to Bairnsdale.  The resurfacing along with the new signage makes the trail top class.

Only one section is asphalted the remainder is gravel covered.  It would be fantastic if the trail was like this all the way.

I went further than I intended.

I recently went for a bike ride as I am trying to up the number of kilometres I do during a month.  I intended to ride from Nicholson to Bumberrah and back but found that was only a very short ride so decided to continue on to Bruthen, have some lunch and then return.

It was a cool day which was much appreciated after the extremely hot weather we have been having.

There has been a considerable amount of clearing on either side of the rail trail which I imagine has been done so the trail acts as a fire break.  We have had strong winds recently and I imagine that is what has caused this fallen tree.  I had to lift my bike over the lower log and clamber under the upper log in order to continue on my way.

I enjoyed a pleasant lunch in Bruthen and then headed back home.  A total of 45.36 kilometres.