A different knitting project

I have been busily working on another knitting project while doing the various swatches for the skull jumper.  I am knitting a cardigan for one of my granddaughters.  The wool is lovely and soft and I am really enjoying knitting with it.  It is a very simple classic cardigan pattern taken from this booklet.

I have just added a little bit of colour with left over wool as a band around the base of the cardigan.  I have knitted this pattern before but I am doing it in the next size up this time.

I just have the band to do now.  I even have the buttons at the ready.

Slowly reducing left over wool.

Just before Easter i asked my younger daughter if she had a knitting project I could do as I needed something major to get my teeth into rather than small projects.  She said I could knit some bedsocks for my eldest granddaughter while she thought of a big project I could do for her.

As you know I have lots of small quantities of left over wool so I was able to quickly knit up a pair of bedsocks before they arrived to spend Easter with us.

I have used this booklet many times now for various projects as the book has patterns where you can utilise small quantities of wool.

My granddaughter was delighted with the bedsocks.  Now her two sisters want bedsocks too.

Easter icing and knitting

We had a lovely Easter as we had family visiting us for a few days.  We had a really enjoyable time as our youngest grandchild is three and was excited about the whole idea of the Easter Bunny.

Our youngest granddaughter was busy icing biscuits as Easter eggs and her sisters did some too.

There was great excitement when the Easter bunny left eggs in the garden.

One of our granddaughters is a keen knitter and she had found a book at the secondhand book sale we had gone to.  She was keen to try out some of the ideas so I was able to give her some of my left over wool so she could get started.  Of course her younger sister wanted to knit too.

I went to school in Scotland and knitting was something you were taught to do in primary school.  I am forever grateful for that.