I finished it!

I am finding it hard to believe that I managed to finish this piece of knitting in such a short time.  I really concentrated and got it done in super quick time for me.  Not my usual procrastinating.

The first two images are the tam while it is blocking on a ten inch dinner plate.

This is before the tam was completed and I still had a bit of work to do.

These are all the ends that had to be woven in.This is the inside of the tam after the weaving in.

I am delighted with the finished product and I have plenty of wool left over to make at least another two tams if any of my family would like one.

Time in my work room at last

It is quite some time since I spent time in the room where I do sewing etc. and it was good to get in there the other day.  I was inspired after reading a blog where the writer had decided to get to unfinished projects and try to complete them before starting something new.  I thought, yes I can relate to that.  I have a few things on the go and I need to get some of them finished and out of the way.

I decided to start with some of my framing projects.

I looked back through my posts and discovered that it was August 2017 when I started these projects, cutting the mats and backing core foam.  That is certainly procrastination on a grand scale.

I spent some time cutting the moulding for the frames and now I need to get the moulding joined before glass cutting for two of the pictures and then assembling the pictures.

I find I get easily distracted and spent some time doing a little bit more on the crocheted floor rug I started many moons ago. It is quite sore on the fingers when working the denim so I can only do a little bit at a time.

It is an on-going project so I can leave that and go back to it at any time.  I started this after I had upholstered a chair in old jeans and I had scraps left over.

denim chair

Some clever carpentry by a clever granddaughter

This lovely little table was made by our granddaughter.  She made it at school and it was being kept secretly so that she could give it to her mother as a surprise for Christmas.  It is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship made with beautiful wood.  This granddaughter is the one that made me the lovely flower vase containers.


It is so good to see girls being given the opportunity to pursue these crafts at school.  I often wish that I had been given the chance to do woodwork when at school but I guess I wouldn’t have gained all the needlework skills I now have.

Make Believe. . . .Alice in Wonderland

This strange photo is my attempt to catch the caterpillar on the toadstool in Alice in Wonderland.

When we were in Melbourne during the Christmas period we were lucky to be able to get to the Museum and view this exhibition on Make Believe which is the story of the creation of the Christmas windows at Myer store in Melbourne.

It was a fascinating exhibition with many of the automated models in operation.

The exhibition closes on 3rd February 2019.

A bit of the island of Harris in a Christmas wreath

When we were in the outer Hebrides in Scotland one of the craft shops we visited had these wreaths which made use of the off cuts of Harris Tweed.  The wreaths are very simply made by knotting the scraps onto a wire ring.

In Stornaway I purchased some Harris Tweed off cuts to make such a wreath for Christmas but didn’t quite get around to it this year so I will need to make sure I make it next year.

This year’s wreath was a simple Australian one featuring penny gumleaves and baby’s breath.

Another dad trick. . . . .

One of the tricks my dad used to do was to make a mouse from a handkerchief.  He then used to make the mouse jump up his arm.  It provided lots of fun for us as children and for his grandchildren.

Here is how you can do it for your children.