Second version

This was the first version I made of this particular top.

I have now made a second version but this time it is version A.  I used a teeshirt fabric which was much more flexible/drapey than the previous fabric used, in fact I think it was a bit too flexible so next time I will use a fabric with a structure in between the two.

The neckline was tricky to get to lie flat but my daughter suggested I top stitch it which I think I will now do.

I used a twin needle to finish the hemline.  I will use the twin needle on the neckline too.  In the photo it looks like black thread but it was navy.

Sauce time

This year I almost missed out on making my tomato sauce.  The place where we usually buy our sauce tomatoes wasn’t in operation so I had to find another source.  Fortunately I was able to buy a box of saucing tomatoes at the local greengrocer.  Crisis averted.  Our younger daughter’s partner is a great lover of our sauce so we wanted to make sure he had a supply.  Unfortunately we didn’t have a supply of our usual sauce bottles so he has ended up with some strange bottles.

The sauce still tastes delicious.  You can find the recipe here.

One person’s trash is another’s treasure. . . .

An old saying but in this case it is definitely true.

I occasionally do picture framing but since moving to Metung, a small village, I have no close access to picture moulding.  If I have made frames here in Metung I have had to go to Canberra for moulding or send away for online moulding. The online moulding is expensive as you have to pay for postage too.

There was an ad in the classifieds of the local paper recently advertising artists supplies and picture moulding, going cheap.  I played phone tag with the seller for a few days but was eventually able to catch up with him and visited to see what moulding was on offer. I had assumed there would just be a few pieces left over from a hobby framer like me.

The guy was getting rid of literally tonnes of mouding that his wife had kept after they sold their framing business.  He said the moulding had been in his garage roof for many years and he was now getting rid of it.  No one, other than me, had been to see it.  I was amazed at what was there.  Much of the moulding was not my type as it was too ornate or it had gold on it but after searching through we were able to find some plainer samples.

I was able to get twelve lengths each 2.5 metres long.

That would cost an absolute fortune to buy ( cheapest estimate would be $300 plus postage ) but he was going to give it to me gratis.  I insisted on paying at least a token sum and he was happy to accept.  I now have the moulding so I can do several framing projects that have been waiting to get done.  I am one very happy lady.