Some framing finished

I finally got a little bit of framing done.  These are not frames made by me this time.  I have just made the mats for the pictures to fit into the frames.  The frames were on special from Spotlight and the pictures were bought from one has a double mat with black to highlight the picture.Because the frames are white the pictures need to be on a darker wall so this is not their final hanging spot.

I am thinking about embarking on a bedroom renovation

Our bedroom needs a change so I have been thinking about a new colour scheme.  This is how it looks at the moment.

I want to make a change to our bedroom suite and I am contemplating painting the furniture using chalk paint.  I have created a board on Pinterest  to get ideas on how to do this.

I would like the bedroom to be a bit lighter and I think painting the dark wood would be a good start.

The green wall would definitely be changed so I would need to reupholster the chairs to fit in with the new colour scheme.  New pictures would also be needeed.  All food for thought.  I have no idea on what colours I plan to use.  Still thinking about it.