This is a frame up.

My younger daughter asked me if I would do some framing for her and I was delighted to be able to do so now that I have moulding. She had given me some prints that she had and I had one saying that I wanted to frame so thought I would do them all together.  I have cut out all the framing mats and I have cut the glass for the small print but that is as far as I have got at the moment.Next step will be to cut out the glass and to make the frames.  After I had finished cutting out these mats I found another print rolled up that I had forgotten about so I will need to make the mat for that one too.I really enjoy framing when I have moulding available to use.  I also have a print of my own that I will frame when I have finished these.

Geodesic number two

I have just completed a second version of the geodesic jumper I made a few weeks ago.

I decided that I needed to make the sleeves a bit longer and also make the waistband deeper.  I also made the waistband smaller so it draws in the body a little more.I am pleased with the finished result.

This is the first version.

The second version.  Apologies as the photo is a bit blurry.

Let your smile change the world

I have finally got around to doing some picture framing.  This hand painted piece is for my granddaughter’s birthday.  I bought the picture at a makers’ market in Bairnsdale  quite some time ago but now it is in a frame.  I mentioned previously how I have finally been able to get some moulding to do framing, well now I have been able to find a source for the foam core board that fits on the back of the frame.  We were visiting Sale and I thought I would try a picture framing shop there and see if they were willing to sell me some.  Thank you Framing Elegance for being willing to do so.  I was able to get some board and collect it at Stratford on the way home.  Now I can seriously get stuck into my picture framing.