Appreciating what we have and where we live.

It was a lovely morning this morning, and I had been for my early morning walk.  I had prepared a delicious breakfast of bruschetta with tomato, basil and feta on homemade bread. I took my breakfast outside and just enjoyed the surroundings and beautiful weather.

An update on Metung

Unfortunately the boardwalk didn’t get finished in time for the tourist season but some of it was completed and now the boardwalk reaches almost to Edgewater Terraces.

This part is now completed and is in use.Since I took the last two photos the barriers on the edge of the boardwalk have been installed and this part of the boardwalk is now in full use.  Hopefully it won’t be too long before the remaining part of the boardwalk is finished.

The other work that has been happening in the village is the reopening of the bakery,

This is before it was due to open.  The bakery is flourishing now with the tourist season in full swing.

Unfortunately there has been no further work on the burnt out building.  I guess nothing more will happen until the holiday period is over.  Meanwhile the other businesses in Metung are doing great trade during this time.


I am feeling very pleased with myself as I have managed to grow successfully an African Violet plant. I have been feeding the plant regularly and I was worried as it had so many leaves and nothing else was happening so I stopped feeding it and only watered it.  Tah dah!  Well look at it now.  I hope it continues to behave like this next year.

Work is underway

Yes, the demolition work is underway on the fire-damaged premises in Metung.  You can see the Lockwood sign in the background and that is where the real estate business has relocated.  The premises were the former Information Centre and a small retail outlet. That means at least one of the businesses affected is now up and operating.

The roof has been removed from the Nautica part of the complex and you can see the extent of the damage.The Bakery still has its roof but I am not sure if that is coming down as well.  The Bakery is relocating to vacant premises across the road.  The shop called Tallowwood used to be in the premises.  It is the white building with the drawn blinds.

It is great to see that things are moving quickly but there is no way it will all be completed in time for the influx of summer tourists.

The Metung Community is hoping that at least the bakery will be operating.

The flowers that bloom in the Spring tra la.

This time of year is lovely for flowers to cut for indoor display as well as having a lovely display in the garden.

The irises this year are beautiful.  I split the corms the year before last and so last year we didn’t have many blooms.  This year the blooms are much better.

This dark one is my favourite.

We also have a climbing rose at the front of the driveway.  It really hasn’t done anything for a couple of years but since my husband put in a dripper system on the driveway bed the rose had prospered.  I am hoping it will really take off now.

This little bud is banksia coccinea.  I have posted about it previously.  The bud is taking forever to come out.  I hope it does come out and not remain as a bud and then drop off.  I will certainly post a picture if it eventually blooms.

Misery in Metung

Earlier last week, Melbourne Cup Day to be precise, there was a fire in the main street of the village.  Unfortunately a complex of shops was badly damaged by fire.  At this stage it is not known what the cause of the fire was but the damage is extensive.

The damage doesn’t look too bad in this photo but the next one shows how badly the roof was damaged.

There are several businesses, a restaurant, a bakery, a fish and chip shop and a real estate agent,  that are now unable to operate and this is a blow to the Metung community.  The community will rally around and help in any way they can to get the businesses back on their feet.

The busiest time for these businesses is at Christmas holiday time so I hope they can get something in place for then.  The bakery is the business that will be sadly missed by those who rely on getting their bread without having to drive to Bairnsdale or Lakes Entrance.

Apparently the bakery may be setting up business in temporary premises across the road.  We have heard that the burnt building is to be demolished.