Construction is going ahead

The latest project in Metung is the extension of the boardwalk into Chinamans Creek.  The work started in August just before we left for our holiday overseas and it is now evident that some work has been done.  I don’t know if it is going to be finished by mid December as is the anticipated finish date on the Council notices.

Apparently there was a delay as permission was required for the removal of some native vegetation.

Keeping our fingers crossed that it will all be finished before the busy Christmas period.

Misty Metung and some Spring pictures

I have started back into my morning walk routine.  The day before yesterday Chinamans Creek was rather misty and the weather was quite cool.  The previous night we had a decent amount of rain so that should help the garden.  Everywhere is so dry here that we really need several days worth of rain.

Lake King is home to black swans and they have returned in great numbers for Spring.  These are the first cygnets I spied on my morning walk.  The second morning I spied this pair.  The cygnets were having a rough ride as the waves were being chopped up by the strong wind.I am so lucky to live in such a lovely place as Metung.


We did it and we have the medallion too.

I have had a memorable weekend with a group of wonderful women.  We had a ball.Our Around the Bay ride was on Sunday 7th October.  We had to be at the start by seven o’clock and it was the first day of Daylight Saving so it really was an early start.  We managed and were at the start in plenty of time.  We saw those who were doing the 100 km start off but the 300km riders were long gone.  We set off at seven-thirty.

We had perfect weather and it was great to be riding on tarred roads as we usually do our riding on rail trails which can be a bit rough in parts.  It was a terrific day and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  There was a wonderful sense of achievement having finished this ride together.  The camaraderie of all the riders was great.  There were a variety of riders from the very young to the very old. We will definitely be doing another challenging ride like this one.

We stayed in an apartment very close to the start line and I thought you might like to see the view from our rooftop pool.

When we rode over the Westgate Bridge we were not meant to stop for photos but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to prove that I had been there.

Our team, the Metung Bike Chicks, raised $2642.24 for the Smith Family which is a charity that helps kids in need.  A huge thank you to all our sponsors.

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible

I have returned after six weeks on holiday in the UK. We had a wonderful time and will tell you about it at a later date.

Today I want to share the fact that I rode 50 kms after not being on my bike for six weeks. Next weekend I head to Melbourne to participate in the Round the Bay bike ride. Our group is doing the 50kms section and we are raising money for The Smith Family. You can read all about it in this newspaper article from our local paper The Bairnsdale Advertiser. The photo only shows three of our team members as two of us were unavailable the day the photo was taken.

A window with a touch of Tour de France

I was surprised when I was in Bairnsdale recently to find that there was a shop that had devoted its window display to the Tour de France.  It really should have been no surprise as it was a bike shop.  I just hadn’t expected it.

The display was not complicated as it was only a bike but it was a very special bike.

It was difficult to get a clear photograph because of the reflection.

Again it is difficult to read the information about the bike but it is an Eddy Merckx Road Bike possibly ridden in 1984 at the Tour de France.

This bike shop is relatively new in Bairnsdale and there is already another bike shop.   I hope this one is successful as it provides specialized bikes for cyclists.

Walking tracks in Metung

We are lucky to have many walking tracks in Metung but unfortunately some of them seem to constantly require repair work.  The path I am thinking of particularly is the path that runs from the primary school, following Stirling Road to Metung Road.  Whenever we get heavy rain the path is washed out with deep gullies.

The gullies are a serious injury hazard.  I previously contacted the Shire Council about this matter and eventually they did do some repair but the same thing keeps happening every time there is a rain storm.  I think the path needs a pipe under the gravel so the rain can drain away without draining the gravel with it.  Perhaps I should suggest that to the Shire Council. 🙂

One path that is in good condition is the path that leads from Wood Street down to the tennis courts and bowling greens.

We are lucky to have tennis courts and bowling greens in the village.