A beautiful find in the garden

I was out in the front garden this afternoon when I spied something on one of the rose bushes.  I initially thought someone had somehow attached a brooch to the rose bush but on closer inspection I discovered it was a beautiful moth.

When I looked closely at the moth I commented to my husband that it looked as though it was embroidery.

My husband did some searching on the internet and discovered that it is a Coprosma Hawk Moth.  Usually it is found on the east coast of Australia but only as far south as Sydney so this one was certainly out of that range.  It is the first time we have seen this moth.

Spring has sprung in Metung

I was out for a walk yesterday and this lovely sight was off the boardwalk. Very protective parents as they moved the cygnets under the boardwalk for protection.

We are so lucky to live where we live here in East Gippsland. It will be great when our family can visit us again once the lockdown is eased.

I should also mention that the mosquitoes are here in force. Not little ones either.

Some renovation required

I forgot to take a picture before I started taking off the old brushwood on this archway but now that I have, you can see where paint is required before I put on new brushwood.  When I painted originally the brushwood was attached to the wood so I could only paint up as far as the brushwood, now I have the opportunity to paint the whole thing.

The photo above lets you see how little of the brushwood was left on the arch.  It has gradually worn away and now it is certainly time for some new brushwood.

The blind on the righthand side is to screen out the late afternoon sun when we are sitting at the outdoor dining table in summer.

It will be great to get the new brushwood up.  I have done the painting, now I just need to cut the brushwood to fit and then install it.  Hopefully I will be able to show you a finished project fairly soon.

Progress in the village

“Start your day with coffee, end your day with wine.”  This sign is on the rebuilt restaurant in Metung village.  Those of you who follow the blog will remember that a fire destroyed the building about 18 months ago and the building had to be rebuilt like-for-like. The community is eagerly awaiting the opening of the new restaurant which is called Aroma.

They have branded it as a coffee house and eatery.

At the moment the windows are covered over but things are happening inside.  It will be great when it finally opens.  It must be such a difficult time for businesses during the pandemic.

A native orchid has just popped up

This is a native orchid that has appeared for the first time in our garden.

The orchid is called The spotted hyacinth orchid.

How fortunate to have that just appear in our garden.

It hasn’t just popped up, I wrote this in May and forgot to post it.  The orchid is still there.