This and that.

Again I have been missing in action for the past little while. I have been occupied with other things but now have time to attend to the blog.

Since I last posted I have been doing a few things.  I have made some pyjamas for our youngest granddaughter.  I had the pattern already as I had made a nightie for another granddaughter some years ago.  Our granddaughter wanted pyjamas for herself and her dolly.  While they were staying with us we visited Spotlight and she selected the fabric for the project.  It has taken me a few weeks to get both items finished but they are done at last and were posted off.  Hopefully she will like the finished product.

I also managed to get a bit of sewing done for myself.  I have made a top using a pattern that I had used previously.

Upon making the top I discovered that the fabric had a slight flaw.  There is a spot of dropped blue in amongst the pattern.  You really don’t notice it unless it is pointed out to you.  You can see it on the left sleeve.  I have managed to conceal the other dots on the side of the garment where it really can’t be seen.

I can dream

This arrived in the post some time ago now.  I have been drooling over the amazing pictures of Shetland Wool Week posted on the internet and decided that I would purchase the annual so I could imagine that I had been there. 🙂

These are some of the photos from their Instagram account.

I am planning to get to Shetland this year but we have decided that we will avoid the actual Wool Week as accommodation etc. will be too pricey at that time.  I will still be able to see the fine work and wool just not be able to participate in any classes.

I am so looking forward to our trip.  I will now be dreaming about Shetland but with the knowledge that I will get there one day.

These are some items from the Whalsay Heritage and Community Centre.  I hope one day to make a jumper featuring fair isle.