Another flannie.

I finally got around to finishing the second shirt for my granddaughter.  I do tend to get waylaid by things so it has taken a while to get this finished.  I quickly parceled it up and posted it without delay.  I parceled it up so quickly that I neglected to put the card inside.  Hopefully my granddaughter will get the shirts before it is too warm to wear them when she helps her dad working in the shed and on “Bluebell”.


These shoes were made for me!

I have been to Melbourne for two days as I had a voucher that needed to be redeemed.

My children gave me a voucher for my 70th birthday in December to get custom made shoes at Habbot in the Royal Arcade Melbourne. It has taken me this long to get myself organised to make the trip to Melbourne to do this.

I rang before going to Melbourne and discovered that they no longer offer custom made shoes and my voucher could now only be used to buy off-the-shelf shoes.  I was a little disappointed but was still happy that I was going to be able to get shoes that I normally wouldn’t spend that much money on.

When I arrived at the shop I saw there was a sign on the door and I thought it would be just my luck that the shop was closed for renovation or some such.  Luckily the sign was just to say that it was closed for ten minutes so I went for a coffee.

It is a beautiful little shop.

I suffer from the problem of having generously proportioned feet so the styles that were available to me were limited.  I did find some that I loved so I was very happy.  I do have wonderful children who know me well.

My beautiful birthday shoes.

A bit of frogging took place.

I knitted this jumper many, many years ago and the time has come for it to be recycled.

The pattern was knitted at a time when things were loose and bulky and that look is definitely not in anymore.

The jumper looks dirty in the photo but it was just shadows. The colour is also not true as it is a denim blue colour.

I have now frogged the jumper and just need to wash it in skeins and then start another project.

I am not sure what I will knit.  Perhaps I will use the wool as the border for the crocheted hexagon rug I plan to make with all my left over bits of wool.

Old shirt recycled as dress lining.

It is a while since I have done any sewing.  I had cut out this dress last summer but hadn’t got around to doing anything with the cut out pieces.  I have finally got my act together and completed it.  The lining and pockets are made from shirt fabric that is being recycled.

I wasn’t sure if my granddaughter would wear it but I think the pockets were what convinced her.  She loves having pockets to put things in.  Although it is still winter here she wore it on her way back home to Canberra.

Slippers or bedsocks?

I have been trying to make use of the many left over scraps of wool that I am reluctant to take to the thrift shop.  I decided to look for some patterns that would make use of small quantities of wool and this is the first result.  The yellow wool is from my daughter and the mixed colour on the band is left over from something else I knitted a long time ago.  I think it might have been fingerless gloves.

I was happy with how these turned out but the greyish wool is very fragile and I don’t think the soles of the slippers will be very hard wearing.  I will need to use a stronger wool from my left overs when I knit another pair.


Gifted wool

My elder daughter had given me some wool that she knew she didn’t have time to use and asked if I would be able to use it.  Of course I grabbed the opportunity and have now just finished that project.

The wool was Debbie Bliss Roma and it is a super chunky weight.  I had five balls of wool so had to find a pattern that would fit that.

I located a pattern on Ravelry and thought it would suit our granddaughter.

You can see how chunky the wool is.  I had a ball left over so made a simple cowl with the remainder.