I am feeling very pleased with myself as I have managed to grow successfully an African Violet plant. I have been feeding the plant regularly and I was worried as it had so many leaves and nothing else was happening so I stopped feeding it and only watered it.  Tah dah!  Well look at it now.  I hope it continues to behave like this next year.

The flowers that bloom in the Spring tra la.

This time of year is lovely for flowers to cut for indoor display as well as having a lovely display in the garden.

The irises this year are beautiful.  I split the corms the year before last and so last year we didn’t have many blooms.  This year the blooms are much better.

This dark one is my favourite.

We also have a climbing rose at the front of the driveway.  It really hasn’t done anything for a couple of years but since my husband put in a dripper system on the driveway bed the rose had prospered.  I am hoping it will really take off now.

This little bud is banksia coccinea.  I have posted about it previously.  The bud is taking forever to come out.  I hope it does come out and not remain as a bud and then drop off.  I will certainly post a picture if it eventually blooms.

Some activity at Patterson Park yesterday morning.

Yesterday morning on my walk I went past Patterson Park and noticed there was a bit of unusual activity happening.  There was a large crane, a cherry picker and some trucks labelled Tree Limits.

I speculated that they were there to do some tree trimming, perhaps to make the park safer as well as to make some clearance of the mobile tower.

I was down in the village later in the day so I could post a parcel and I noticed that they had finished working.

You can see that the trees have indeed been trimmed and there is more clearance to the tower.  Maybe there will be better mobile phone reception in Metung now.

Look what I have managed to grow

This is the floral emblem of New South Wales.

When we were living in New South Wales I attempted on a couple of occasions to grow waratahs but without any success.  I am now living in Victoria and have at last been able to grow a waratah successfully.

The bush is still only very small but it survived while we were overseas and we were delighted to see that the blooms were ready to open when we got home.

It is a stunning bloom. I hope the bush eventually grows much bigger.

By the way, the floral emblem for the state of Victoria is Common Heath often referred to as Pink Heath.

Here are the other stare and territory floral emblems.

Snowing? Not really.

We have, for some reason unknown to us, the most incredible amount of orange blossom on our orange tree. Underneath the tree it looks as if it has been snowing.

The grapefruit tree also has a heap of blossom.

Our blueberry bushes produce at a different rate as one of the bushes is deciduous.

I love it when Spring is here and the garden starts to produce.

A fickle fig or should that be fiddle fig?

As you probably realise by now I have been away on holiday for six weeks.  During that time we put most of our indoor plants outside but we didn’t want to put our fiddle fig outside as we felt it would not survive.  We gave it a good water before we left and hoped for the best.

When we returned, the fig was looking much worse for the wear.  Its leaves were very droopy and just waiting to be knocked off.  This is how the fig now looks.

It is a bit sad but hopefully with some tender, loving care it will soon be looking beautiful.