New growth appearing

We were fortunate that the bushfires didn’t reach Metung but the hot weather did a bit of damage to our gardens here.  Many plants suffered in the heat, even the Australian native plants and we lost a few of our less well established plants to the heat.  One of the plants that we thought had died was a banksia which we had planted in the new garden beds I created back in August last year out the front of the house.

The banksia’s leaves are generally leathery and after the hot days they were crisp.

We thought it was dead but I have continued to hand water the plants as we are now on water restrictions.  I was delighted to see that the plant is still alive and there are many new shoots.  Hopefully it will put on a spurt of growth as we have had a little rain today.

Do you know what this tree is?

When we were recently in Traralgon we went for a walk through Victory Park.  We noticed this beautiful tree in bloom and none of us knew what type of tree it was.  Can you help me out with a name?

The blossom reminded me a little of wild clematis but this is a tree not a climber.

Work in the citrus orchard

Our citrus orchard hasn’t had a renewed mulch cover for a few years and it was looking very sad.  It has been incredibly dry here for quite some time now so it was definitely time to remulch the orchard.  My husband got a load of eucalyptus fines in the back of the ute and we spent the afternoon unloading and spreading the mulch. (good exercise)

You can see how desperately it needed the new mulch.  We had enough in one load to cover about 2/3 of the orchard so we got another load the next day to finish it off and to use on some other beds in the garden.

The orchard looks much better now.


An update on my gardening work.

I tried to make sure I took photos of the front garden before I started work on constructing the new beds which I was making to eliminate the poor front lawn.  This is how it looked before I started work.

You can see how the moss has taken over.

I marked out the beds and then spent so much time digging and weeding.  I was grateful of the help provided by family when they were visiting.

The beds were eventually finished and I then had to top them up with topsoil and mulch.

Before and after.

The plantings are mainly Australian natives so they should do well.  We just need to make sure we keep the water up to them until they get established.  Once the plants get a bit of growth on the garden will fill out.

The joys of family

We have been lucky recently to have had visits from both of our daughters and my sister.  I love when family visits as we all seem to appreciate each others company.When our youngest granddaughter was visiting she brought her gardening gloves and her work clothes so she could help me in the garden.

She and her sister also helped their Pa as we had a load of wood which needed to be stacked.

When they had all finished helping us we had a picnic down by the lake as it was a beautiful day.

When my sister was here our elder daughter came to visit too with her two children and we had a wonderful time.Again the weather was great and it was so good to catch up.

Our granddaughter enjoyed a bit of time at Patterson Park.  The renewed park certainly gets plenty of use by the visiting children.

Our daughter drove us to Marlo and on the way we visited the Stony Creek Trestle bridge just before Nowa Nowa. This is the old railway bridge and you now pass it when you cycle the rail trail to Nowa Nowa.

We also visited a new boutique brewery, Sailors Grave Brewing in Orbost.  The brewery is in the old Butter Factory.  Unfortunately there is no opportunity to visit inside but we at least got to see the building where the beer is being made.

The beer is proving to be popular and we hope they continue to have success with their business.  It is great to see small businesses succeeding in the country towns.

We did a couple of small walks while we were in Marlo and the Landcare group has been doing some serious weed removal in the bush.

Our visit to Marlo also included lunch at the Marlo Hotel.  We had a great day.