Not my cup of tea.

Since I last commented on books I have read ten in September and well onto another ten in October.  I was hooked on a couple of authors but have chosen this book because I persevered with it almost to the end.

The High Mountains of Portugal was certainly an unusual book and I ended up giving in about fifty pages from the end.  I just could not understand what it was about .  The novel is in three parts. It starts with a story of a man who walks backwards as the result of his grief over losing his lover, his child and his father. He becomes obsessed with an object he reads about in a priest’s journal , a cross. He undertakes a journey meeting people along the way to his destination. It’s sad and it’s about loss and grief but sometimes humourous.

The second part is about a pathologist,  There is some talk of miracles, the bible and Jesus.  Agatha Christie and chimpanzees play a role in this section.

The third part is also about a grieving man and a journey . Chimpanzees and grief seem to be a common theme across the three sections. I gave up in the third section as the book was totally beyond me  Then again I wasn’t a huge fan of The Life of Pi, the author’s previous book. This one was certainly not my cup of tea.

If you would like to read a positive review check one out here.


A parcel of joy in the post yesterday

When I went to the post office yesterday to post a parcel I collected a couple of parcels that had arrived for us.  One of the parcels was addressed to Granny and Pa Marsh so I was intrigued before opening it.

The parcel was from one of our granddaughters in Canberra.  She had made us a lovely breadboard/platter.  She had some wood left over from a desk she made during ISO and decided to make us a gift.  The board is lovely and has her name and date engraved on the side.

Her younger sister drew a beautiful picture for us.

We are very lucky grandparents.

During this time of COVID the parcel took three weeks to arrive from Canberra.

The other parcels were two books that I had ordered and they were delivered in two weeks from Sydney.

A beautiful find in the garden

I was out in the front garden this afternoon when I spied something on one of the rose bushes.  I initially thought someone had somehow attached a brooch to the rose bush but on closer inspection I discovered it was a beautiful moth.

When I looked closely at the moth I commented to my husband that it looked as though it was embroidery.

My husband did some searching on the internet and discovered that it is a Coprosma Hawk Moth.  Usually it is found on the east coast of Australia but only as far south as Sydney so this one was certainly out of that range.  It is the first time we have seen this moth.

Spring has sprung in Metung

I was out for a walk yesterday and this lovely sight was off the boardwalk. Very protective parents as they moved the cygnets under the boardwalk for protection.

We are so lucky to live where we live here in East Gippsland. It will be great when our family can visit us again once the lockdown is eased.

I should also mention that the mosquitoes are here in force. Not little ones either.

Tuesday Travels. . .Edwin Fox, Picton

While we were in Picton we visited a historical ship which is dry docked in the harbour. The ship is the Edwin Fox which was a migrant ship and a pioneering freezing hulk. You can read its fascinating history here.

There was also a comprehensive museum of the the life of the ship.  The museum was engrossing and the actual ship was a credit to the hard work that volunteers had done to secure the survival of the wreck.

The ship shows how much deterioration happened to the wood when the ship was sitting as a wreck.

My father was a carpenter before he became a pilot and he would have been impressed with the woodwork in the construction of the ship.

This last photo gives you some idea of the scale.

This is an attraction in Picton that is well worth viewing.