Recycle, reuse Bananas in Pyjamas

Bananas in Pyjamas have been a feature of Australian television for many, many years. I think the song was first heard around 1972.  If you haven’t heard of them, here is the original stair descent on Play School on ABC television.

Since that time the bananas have had a series of their own and a stage show as well.

Bananas in pyjamas.  Her delight at having these pyjamas is obvious.  The photo reminded me of Christmas when her elder sisters wore the same pyjamas several years ago.  Apparently the pyjamas have been passed on to the cousins and then they came back again when our granddaughter was the size for wearing them.

There was B1 and B2 .

One of the original bananas with some of the Playschool hosts.You can read a little about the composer of the song which was first used by Playschool in 1973.

Hello world!

Apparently yesterday was seven years since I wrote my first blog post.  I used to post almost every day but now I am nowhere nearly as regular as that but I still do post when I feel I have something worth writing about.

Here is my first blog post.

Gippsland Granny

Hi to those of you have stumbled upon this blog.  I am attempting to keep pace with technology as I don’t want to be left behind in this world!  What am I going to blog about?  Well at this stage I am unsure.  I think it will probably cover a variety of topics from retired life in Gippsland to my thoughts on books, knitting, framing, sewing etc.

I will start with my thoughts on how I have found the process of setting up this blog.  I will admit that if I had not had some experience of working with a program for students in high school to access and submit work set by teachers, I would have found this process today quite daunting.  I still profess that it has not been plain sailing to start up but I will persevere and hopefully become adept with the process by using it…

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Cool Uncle Tricks: How to Detach Your Thumb — The Art of Manliness


When I saw this I thought of my dad.  No doubt there are many others who have a dad that did the same trick.

An essential part of being an awesome uncle is having a repertoire of tricks and jokes that will amaze your nieces and nephews, and crack them up. So from time to time we’ll be offering you current and future uncles out there a tutorial on some gags that’ll have them thinking you’re the coolest dude in the world. Check out all…

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What is behind the boat?

In Metung we get lots of visitors in the summer months and many of them would at some point want to find a public toilet.  There are two toilet blocks in Metung.  One is behind the shops in the village and close to the Lake King pier.  The second block which also includes a shower, is behind this boat.  If you were a visitor to Metung you would have no ideas that this was here as there is no signage to indicate that the toilet block is here.

This is something that needs to be rectified.  The boat needs to be moved so we can see the signs and a sign needs to be erected on Metung Road to show where the toilet block is located.My husband has reminded me that there actually three toilet blocks.  The third block is on Shaving Point near the boat ramp.

Walking tracks in Metung

We are lucky to have many walking tracks in Metung but unfortunately some of them seem to constantly require repair work.  The path I am thinking of particularly is the path that runs from the primary school, following Stirling Road to Metung Road.  Whenever we get heavy rain the path is washed out with deep gullies.

The gullies are a serious injury hazard.  I previously contacted the Shire Council about this matter and eventually they did do some repair but the same thing keeps happening every time there is a rain storm.  I think the path needs a pipe under the gravel so the rain can drain away without draining the gravel with it.  Perhaps I should suggest that to the Shire Council. 🙂

One path that is in good condition is the path that leads from Wood Street down to the tennis courts and bowling greens.

We are lucky to have tennis courts and bowling greens in the village.

Happenings in Metung

The most recent upgrade to happen in the village will be the extension of the boardwalk on the edge of Bancroft Bay.  The boardwalk is to be extended to Chinaman’s Creek.  The first sign of action is the erection of some temporary fencing and a sign stating what it is for.

When this is completed it will give pedestrian access all the way to Chinaman’s Creek.  It will be great if it is completed by November in plenty of time for the influx of summer tourists.