I have poor hearing and so I wear hearing aids.  During this pandemic things have been more difficult as I often rely on lip reading to ensure I have heard correctly. Obviously with mask wearing I can no longer rely on lip reading to help me out.   I can totally relate to this picture.

Tour de Vines starting in Metung.

This was our first stop on our way to a two day Tour de Vines cycle ride from Beechworth to Bright. A group of five of us travelled from Metung, over Mount Hotham to Bright, stopping at Omeo so I could tick off one of my wishes, to have lunch at the Golden Age Hotel….

A new section of the East Gippsland Rail Trail for me.

Recently I rode a section of the rail trail I haven’t ridden before and it means I will have ridden the trail from Bairnsdale to Orbost  but obviously not all in one go.  The Trail is approximately 100km.Three of us rode from Waygara to Orbost and back again, a distance of 34 kms. It was…

Gippsland Lakes Discovery Trail

Yesterday i went for a bike ride on the Gippsland Lakes Discovery Trail.  It is nine years at least since I was last on this trail when I did part of the trail with my husband.  We rode from Forestec that time, this time I rode from Bruce’s Road. The trail starts off on open…

Four for a bike ride. Yipee!

Our first bike ride since the pandemic restrictions started. We had a terrific ride from Bumberrah to Bruthen and back.  As you can see we finished with a picnic. I have really missed being able to ride with my friends and it was delightful to be able to ride with them again.

The things you see on the bike trail. . .

Recently on my bike ride on the East Gippsland Rail Trail I spied a rider in front of me who seemed to be taking his hands off the handlebars rather too frequently.  I was surprised to discover, when I got closer, that the person’s bike had no handlebars at all, he was riding a unicycle….