A wonderful surprise in Bairnsdale.

I was walking through a little arcade in Bairnsdale, on my way to the dentist, when I came upon this wonderful little shop.

I had no idea it was there.  It certainly wasn’t there the last time I went through this arcade.  I found out that it only opened recently so that explains why I hadn’t seen it before.

The window display enticed me inside,and the interior of the shop was just as interesting as the window display.

You can see some jars in a basket resting on the floor.  The owner has provided free jars so you can fill from the bulk containers if this is your first visit and you would like to try.  You are encouraged to bring your own containers so there is no unnecessary packaging.  You can also purchase glass containers in the shop.

There is a variety of products in the shop and I will certainly be visiting it again.

I bought these two items and some bulk shampoo.  The website of Nicholson River Soaps gives you the option of buying online.

It is so good to see a local artisan doing so well with their business after time spent selling her products at local markets.  Well done.

That was some ride!

Yesterday I went for a bike ride with two others.  We had decided to do a longer ride than usual in the build up to our 100km ride in October.  In order to get a ride on a rail trail rather than on the road, we decided to drive to Stratford and then catch the train to Traralgon and ride the trail back to Stratford.

The first hiccup was that fact that on the day the train was not operating due to a mechanical fault and so a bus turned up rather than the train.  Fortunately for us the bus was able to accommodate our three bikes.

The weather was dry which was a bonus as we had been anticipating some rain showers. The wind was quite strong and cold on the first part of our ride but eventually the wind eased and the ride was quite pleasant.  The trail surface is in good condition compared to the trails closer to home.

We didn’t stop except to have a quick drink of water now and again so I didn’t really get the opportunity for many photos. This one is of the disused railway station at Glengarry.  It is now being reused as a craft outlet.

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Our trip was anticipated to be 64km but in the end we covered 70km and we certainly felt that we had done so.  Our rear ends were suffering by the end of the journey. We had planned to stop at The Badger and Hare for lunch in Stratford but by the time we got to Stratford we had missed the time for lunch.  This was a huge disappointment for us as we had been anticipating a delicious lunch at the end of our travails.

You can see by my sleep results that I was absolutely worn out by the time we arrived home.  I can’t remember when I last had eleven hours of sleep.


You need the right gear.

As you know I recently bought a new bike and last weekend I had the opportunity to try it out on the flat terrain of the rail trail from Nicholson to Bairnsdale.  Our daughter was staying with us for the weekend and as we had a spare bike we went for a ride together.  We had an enjoyable ride despite the fact that my new bike was not operating as it should. The gears were refusing to change smoothly and the chain was slipping when I was pedaling.  I was able to cycle well if I remained in one gear so that was what I did.

On Monday I took the bike to the dealer and explained what the problem was and he was surprised that it had happened so quickly on a new bike.  Apparently the gear cables on a new bike become a little loose after a few rides.  I left the bike with him and when I returned he said that the problem was not loose cables but the cables were twisted inside the tube of the frame and that was what was causing the problem.  He has fixed it so hopefully no more slipping gears.

While in the shop I mentioned that the ride was firmer than my old bike and he explained that was because my old bike had suspension in the seat post.  I was able to buy a similar seat post so now my bike will have the same suspension as my previous one.

I am off on a big ride on the weekend as a group of us are riding the 63 km from Traralgon to Stratford on the Rail Trail.

We are trying to build up our distances in readiness for the 100km we are booked in to do in October.

Got myself some new wheels!

I finally decided on a new bike.  I had been thinking about getting an electric bike but changed my mind and went for non-electric.  I figure I still might have a few more years yet of pedaling under my own steam.

I have bought a Giant brand bicycle, Liv Rove model.

I purchased a bike with disk brakes, my old bike has caliper brakes.

I like the way the grear cables have been enclosed in the frame tubes.

The gears are much smoother than on my old bike so I hope I am able to ride a little faster.

I did a 36km ride on Sunday but I was still using my old bike.  I want to ride the new bike closer to home to make sure I am used to the new gears and brakes.  I will be ready for our next group ride then.

We did it.

The Metung Bike Chicks took part in the M.S. Melbourne Cycle on the weekend.  This is the second time the group have ridden the 50 km route, the first time was to raise money for The Smith Family, this time was to raise money for the fight against multiple sclerosis. We were delighted to finish this ride with a faster time than our previous attempt. The route was slightly different to the previous ride but still the same distance.

The team raised $1100 and our goal was $500 so we were happy with that result. Overall more than $600,000 was raised to fight M.S. which is a mammoth effort.

We were delighted to receive another medallion for out efforts.

Riding to fight MS

This Sunday, I’ll be riding 50km in the MS Melbourne Cycle to fight MS!

Multiple sclerosis strikes young people in the prime of their lives, and there is no known cure. The average age of diagnosis is just 30 years old.

My ride won’t be easy, but it’s nothing compared to what people living with MS face every day as they live with this cruel disease.

So I’m taking on this challenge to fight MS and ride for those who can’t ride themselves…

But I need your help.

Please sponsor my 50km ride this Sunday and support my efforts to fight MS!

To make a donation, simply click the link below:


All funds raised will be used to provide vital support services to help make the everyday possible for people living with multiple sclerosis.

Thank you so much. Wish me luck for Sunday!