Got myself some new wheels!

I finally decided on a new bike.  I had been thinking about getting an electric bike but changed my mind and went for non-electric.  I figure I still might have a few more years yet of pedaling under my own steam.

I have bought a Giant brand bicycle, Liv Rove model.

I purchased a bike with disk brakes, my old bike has caliper brakes.

I like the way the grear cables have been enclosed in the frame tubes.

The gears are much smoother than on my old bike so I hope I am able to ride a little faster.

I did a 36km ride on Sunday but I was still using my old bike.  I want to ride the new bike closer to home to make sure I am used to the new gears and brakes.  I will be ready for our next group ride then.

We did it.

The Metung Bike Chicks took part in the M.S. Melbourne Cycle on the weekend.  This is the second time the group have ridden the 50 km route, the first time was to raise money for The Smith Family, this time was to raise money for the fight against multiple sclerosis. We were delighted to finish this ride with a faster time than our previous attempt. The route was slightly different to the previous ride but still the same distance.

The team raised $1100 and our goal was $500 so we were happy with that result. Overall more than $600,000 was raised to fight M.S. which is a mammoth effort.

We were delighted to receive another medallion for out efforts.

Riding to fight MS

This Sunday, I’ll be riding 50km in the MS Melbourne Cycle to fight MS!

Multiple sclerosis strikes young people in the prime of their lives, and there is no known cure. The average age of diagnosis is just 30 years old.

My ride won’t be easy, but it’s nothing compared to what people living with MS face every day as they live with this cruel disease.

So I’m taking on this challenge to fight MS and ride for those who can’t ride themselves…

But I need your help.

Please sponsor my 50km ride this Sunday and support my efforts to fight MS!

To make a donation, simply click the link below:

All funds raised will be used to provide vital support services to help make the everyday possible for people living with multiple sclerosis.

Thank you so much. Wish me luck for Sunday!


Tuesday Travels . . .The Kelpies

After visiting the Falkirk Wheel we decided we would walk the tow path along the canal to the Kelpies.  I had been to the Kelpies before but my husband wasn’t with me when I did that trip.The Kelpies are a huge tourist attraction and you can experience it for yourself in this video.

Our walk along the tow path took us past several interesting features.This was in front of a disused distillery.

This one is more difficult to see but these three men were notable for their achievements in Falkirk. it is a pity that the signage was defaced.

On our return to the Falkirk Wheel and our awaiting car we stopped at this great Italian restaurant

and partook of some pizza washed down with an ale for my husband and a cider for me.  The food was delicious.

We didn’t realise that the restaurant had won an award.