Getting distracted

I have just returned home after a weekend in Canberra and I decided I needed to do some decluttering in my workroom.  Not sure why I decided to do this today but that was what happened.  For those of you who have seen my workroom you will be well aware that I have accumulated a…

Noticed this on my morning walk.

Not sure why but my eye was drawn to the side of this cherry picker when I was on my morning walk recently. If you looked at this first photo you may have noticed a warning sign. I have increased the size so you can see what caught my attention.

Just for a laugh.

Our daughter wore this t-shirt when she was here during the holidays.  I absolutely love it.  My daughter’s partner gave her the t-shirt.  


I have poor hearing and so I wear hearing aids.  During this pandemic things have been more difficult as I often rely on lip reading to ensure I have heard correctly. Obviously with mask wearing I can no longer rely on lip reading to help me out.   I can totally relate to this picture.