I finished it!

My daughter gave me a knitting project to do as I was complaining that I didn’t have a project on the go and I preferred to knit something that someone has requested rather than trying to guess what would be suitable.

The project she asked me to do was to make a jumper like this one.

This jumper is by Alexander Mcqueen and if you wanted to purchase it the cost would be $1898 Australian dollars!  The final cost of the one I made was $108 Australian dollars.  What a bargain.

I posted before about how we decided what to do to make this jumper and I am now happy to say that the jumper is finished.  The final fit is a closer fit than that shown on the McQueen jumper model but my daughter likes this fit as she can wear it under jackets without it being too bulky.

My daughter has long arms, like me, and she was delighted that the sleeves were a great length.

Overall she was thrilled with the result and what made it even better was we made a surprise visit to her for her birthday.  She had no idea that we were coming.

If you want to follow the process I took to make the jumper you can follow me on Ravelry at Suth2.

A different knitting project

I have been busily working on another knitting project while doing the various swatches for the skull jumper.  I am knitting a cardigan for one of my granddaughters.  The wool is lovely and soft and I am really enjoying knitting with it.  It is a very simple classic cardigan pattern taken from this booklet.

I have just added a little bit of colour with left over wool as a band around the base of the cardigan.  I have knitted this pattern before but I am doing it in the next size up this time.

I just have the band to do now.  I even have the buttons at the ready.