Winter warmers

It is the last month of winter and have just finished knitting some socks.  The previous socks I have made have usually been done in 4 ply wool apart from a pair of bedsocks knitted in much thicker wool.  This time I have used double knitting wool/ 8 ply wool.  My daughter wanted some colourful socks and as the wool was so quick to knit up I made her two pairs.

I really got in the sock making mode and made another pair for me.

Inspired by church windows

I have finished a piece of knitting which was completed from a free pattern from the internet.

The pattern is from

The only downside was that I made the large version where I should have made the smaller version.  The upside is that I have enough wool left over to make the smaller version now.  A win/win situation.

A quick little knit

You can see from this ball of wool that it would knit up into a particular pattern.  I saw it displayed in Stitches’n’Things and thought it would be great for an in-between knit.  I have no big project planned yet and need to get something organised before Le Tour starts on 1st July.

It took just one evening session and of course I had no red buttons to match so had to wait to get red buttons to finish it.