Away with the fairies. . . . .

I obviously wasn’t concentrating on what I was doing.

I was out for my usual early morning walk and I had a bit of a mishap.  I tripped on a tree root and fell forward.  I was on a downhill slope. I put my hands out to save myself and in doing so I have damaged my humerus, which I might say is not at all funny.

I have broken a bit off the top end of the bone but it is still quite close to the bone so doesn’t require surgery just a long period of waiting for it to heal.

I was lucky I wasn’t too far from home as I was walking in the Metung Bushland Reserve and once I had calmed myself down I was able to walk back home. 

I will now certainly be restricted in what I can do for a few weeks as it was my right arm that was damaged.

Enforced relaxation.  Lots of reading and when I start my walks again I will stick to footpaths for a little while.

A bike ride

It is a couple of weeks since I was last on my bike so it was good to get our for a rideon the weekend.  I went for a ride with two other women and we rode what we call the Metung loop.  I then doubled back a bit on my own and did a reconnoiter of an area known as Tambo Bluff.  We thought that we might ride around there on one of our future rides.

I met the other two riders at Chinaman’s Creek.

We enjoyed the ride together and I also enjoyed exploring Tambo Bluff.  I came across a walking track which had information panels regarding the flora and fauna.

There was also a box where you could access a pamphlet about the tracks.

I rode down to the foreshore and took a short video before riding home.  It was a beautiful morning.