Not one but two

Out on our front grass recently.  Not one but two echidnas.

We generally see an echidna, an Australian monotreme, at some time each year but this is the first time we have had two at the same time.

They obviously don’t feel threatened here.

A great start to the day

I usually try to get a walk done early in the morning and depending on how the mood takes me it can be a complete dawdle or I can really test myself with some intermittent jogging.

My son put me onto the app Strava and since then I have really upped the speed when I walk.  I have several different routes that I use and I tend to use the boardwalk route when I am taking time to enjoy the surrounds.

This is the walk I did yesterday morning but the start point is not quite right so I will need to set the route again before I walk this route again.

You can see two tiny pictures on the screen shot I did and if you use Strava you can bring them up in full size.  It was such a lovely morning and there were lots of swans on Bancroft Bay.

The board walk is a lovely part of Metung and is ideal for a leisurely stroll.

My next walk will be up around Kingscove which a hilly part of Metung and gives me a more vigorous workout.