What to do with e-waste.

We recently discovered that for the month of June our local council will take all e-waste without a charge to the resident as long as you deposit it at a local drop off point.

The reason I mention this is the fact that my husband has collected computers as a hobby for many years but since moving to our present residence the collection has remained largely untouched in our back shed.  I managed to convince him that now would be a good time to get rid of it rather than leaving it for our offspring to get rid of when we are no longer able to.

You can see by the amount in the back of the ute how much stuff he had.  This is only some of the gear, we will need to do a second trip.  By getting in the back shed it made me look at some of the other gear that is in there and it prompted further culling of the contents of the shed.  I have several items ready to take to the charity shops now.

I should mention that I now have some empty boxes that my husband no longer has a need for so I will need to find things to put in them! I do have lots of wool in my stash so I will be able to sort the wool into various categories in the recycled boxes. 🙂

A newish lunch venue.

I think it may be almost a year since this cafe opened in Kalimna, which is quite near Metung.  The cafe is in the REAL garden centre and I visited yesterday for the first time.  I went with two friends for lunch and we had an enjoyable meal.

The surroundings are peaceful and the views of the hills make it a relaxing place to eat.  I am sure the beer garden will do great trade in the summer.

A while since I have posted about Metung

This morning I went for a walk.  I haven’t been for my morning walk for a week so it was about time that I got back into my routine.  This morning I didn’t go on my usual route but decided to go for a bit of a wander down to the boardwalk.

You can see that it was relatively flat for most of the walk apart from when I climbed up to the lookout and when I went through the Metung bushland reserve.

The lookout looks out onto Chinaman’s Creek.I didn’t know that the lookout had been constructed by the friends of Metung.

At the base of the lookout is an information board explaining that the site used to be a Hot Pools Site which was closed down in the 1990s by the EPA as they insisted it had to be chlorinated but to do this would be prohibitive for the Metung community and so the hot pools were closed.

Presently there is planning for a spa site in the area of Kingscove. I have no idea of when that will come to fruition but we wait with bated breath.

Replacing the damage done.

I recently bought a few plants to replace some of those plants that were destroyed in the heatwave we had where the temperature was over 40 degrees.  The heat burnt the new growth on many of our plants but some plants were so badly scorched that they died and had to be replaced.

The plants are mainly natives.  You can probably pick out a protea, a waratah, a banksia and a correa.  Unfortunately we also lost our banksia coccinea but I have been unable to get a replacement for that.  I will just need to keep an eye out for one in the future.

We also had to replace some of the plants in our recently planted lilli pilli hedge.

These are the two new plants and the following photos are the plants that did survive with some new growth.

It will be interesting to see if any more new growth happens further up the plants.

On a positive note, the garlic I planted has taken off.

We did it.

The Metung Bike Chicks took part in the M.S. Melbourne Cycle on the weekend.  This is the second time the group have ridden the 50 km route, the first time was to raise money for The Smith Family, this time was to raise money for the fight against multiple sclerosis. We were delighted to finish this ride with a faster time than our previous attempt. The route was slightly different to the previous ride but still the same distance.

The team raised $1100 and our goal was $500 so we were happy with that result. Overall more than $600,000 was raised to fight M.S. which is a mammoth effort.

We were delighted to receive another medallion for out efforts.