Metung Hot Springs

A long time between drinks! Again it has been a while since I have been on WordPress and I now have at last got the urge to do a post. I recently went for what used to be my regular morning walk but since COVID has happened the walks have been few and far between. …

Our very own Winter Festival

It is winter here in Australia and here in East Gippsland we are having our very own winter festival for the first time. A festival which includes workshops, beautiful art installations, wine, local produce and live music. The Festival has venues throughout the East Gippsland region and Metung has several events to look forward to…

Tour de Vines starting in Metung.

This was our first stop on our way to a two day Tour de Vines cycle ride from Beechworth to Bright. A group of five of us travelled from Metung, over Mount Hotham to Bright, stopping at Omeo so I could tick off one of my wishes, to have lunch at the Golden Age Hotel….

Some recent weather events

Australia has had some fairly severe weather recently with floods being the most recent.  Fortunately for us we have not been troubled by flood although when we were away this week, so I could participate in a group bike ride, our village had 60mm of rainfall in one day.  That is a huge amount compared…

Nature in the garden

This incredible insect was resting on one of our outdoor chairs.I looks just like a eucalyptus leaf. My husband did a bit of research in the internet and discovered that it is a childrens stick insect. Its scientific name is Tropidoderus childrenii.  There are some beautiful photos on the internet.  

Ying and Yang

How cuter are this pair? You could not have bought one without the other. I see this pair of dogs on my morning walk.  Always a delight to see them.