Nature in the garden

This incredible insect was resting on one of our outdoor chairs.I looks just like a eucalyptus leaf. My husband did a bit of research in the internet and discovered that it is a childrens stick insect. Its scientific name is Tropidoderus childrenii.  There are some beautiful photos on the internet.  

Ying and Yang

How cuter are this pair? You could not have bought one without the other. I see this pair of dogs on my morning walk.  Always a delight to see them.  

The Den of Nargun

One of the books read by students during my teaching years was The Nargun and the Stars.  The reason I mention this is we did the walk to the Den of Nargun with some of our grandchildren during the Christmas holidays.  I had walked with our two other grandchildren when they were much younger and…

Ducklings in a puddle

After some recent heavy rain I spied these ducklings on my morning walk.  The puddle had formed at the bottom of a block of land that had been recently reformed in order to establish a flat piece of land for the building of a house.  I spotted the ducks and ducklings waddling on the land…

Trying to get the routine going.

Yesterday morning I managed to get my early morning walk done before I had to attend an appointment in Bairnsdale. The weather this morning was crisp after the super hot day we had two days previously. This is the default route I take when doing my morning walk. Part of the walk is off the…