A new cable jumper on the go

While I was in Canberra my younger daughter had a couple of jumpers that she no longer wears and wondered if I would like to re-purpose the wool.  As you can no doubt imagine I was delighted with the idea.  Very kindly she did the bulk of the frogging of the jumpers as my arm is not quite up to doing that just yet.The first lot of wool was from a wrap I made a few years ago and you can read about it here.

She had already chosen a pattern that she would like made up so it was just a case of getting on to Ravelry and buying the pattern to download.

This is a top down jumper and the first time I have knitted a top down.  It is seamless so in a way it is similar to when I knitted the yoke jumper for my elder daughter.

The pattern is Baby cables and Big ones too by Suvi Simola

If you click on the photo above it will take you to the pattern link.The pattern required lots of stitch markers to show where the cable patterns were to be placed.

I have now reached the point where the sleeves are separated from the body.

Now the bulk of the knitting is stocking stitch apart from a cable down the sleeves so it is easy knitting from now on.





I finished it!

My daughter gave me a knitting project to do as I was complaining that I didn’t have a project on the go and I preferred to knit something that someone has requested rather than trying to guess what would be suitable.

The project she asked me to do was to make a jumper like this one.

This jumper is by Alexander Mcqueen and if you wanted to purchase it the cost would be $1898 Australian dollars!  The final cost of the one I made was $108 Australian dollars.  What a bargain.

I posted before about how we decided what to do to make this jumper and I am now happy to say that the jumper is finished.  The final fit is a closer fit than that shown on the McQueen jumper model but my daughter likes this fit as she can wear it under jackets without it being too bulky.

My daughter has long arms, like me, and she was delighted that the sleeves were a great length.

Overall she was thrilled with the result and what made it even better was we made a surprise visit to her for her birthday.  She had no idea that we were coming.

If you want to follow the process I took to make the jumper you can follow me on Ravelry at Suth2.

Now I have a challenging project to get my teeth into.

On Pinterest there are so many ideas for things to make and do.  My younger daughter found a picture of an Alexander McQueen jumper and thought that I might be able to make it for her as the jumper is no longer available and if it was the cost was excessively high.

I was delighted to be asked to make something similar for her.  We have no pattern so I will be making it by looking at this image and then translating it into the jumper that she wants.  There are a few modifications that she wants me to do so we are going to base the pattern on a cardigan I knitted for my husband many, many years ago.

This pattern will give me a base to work on size.  The front of the jumper will be much the same as the McQueen one and the back will also be similar.

Originally we were going to make the back panel based on one she had seen on Ravelry, called Viking Central Park Hoodie but since our initial discussions we have found another panel that we prefer.

She would also like the cables to continue down into the bands so I will incorporate that into the pattern.

These scribbled notes give you some idea of our thought processes.

There were other pages but this gives you an idea of what we were trying to do. We have come up with a final plan which I will write out neatly.