Some renovation required

I forgot to take a picture before I started taking off the old brushwood on this archway but now that I have, you can see where paint is required before I put on new brushwood.  When I painted originally the brushwood was attached to the wood so I could only paint up as far as the brushwood, now I have the opportunity to paint the whole thing.

The photo above lets you see how little of the brushwood was left on the arch.  It has gradually worn away and now it is certainly time for some new brushwood.

The blind on the righthand side is to screen out the late afternoon sun when we are sitting at the outdoor dining table in summer.

It will be great to get the new brushwood up.  I have done the painting, now I just need to cut the brushwood to fit and then install it.  Hopefully I will be able to show you a finished project fairly soon.

Trouble at mill. . . . .

This is in our driveway.

We are not sure what has caused it but we thought it might have something to do with some plumbing repairs we had done last year.

We thought it could be that or it was underground drainage.  Strange that it is the first time this has happened in the twelve years we have lived here.

We have had the visit from the plumber and because there is no tick over on the water meter that rules out a plumbing leak so it must be ground water.  We will need to do some digging to find the source of the problem.

This is how it looks since last night’s rain. The ground is soft for a depth of about 85 cms.

Fixing the ceiling on the portico.

The ceiling on the portico in front of our house was replaced a few years ago.  When it was replaced the new ceiling looked terrific and we were delighted with the result. Move on a couple of years and a few heavy rainstorms over time and the ceiling was beginning to look a bit suspect.

I thought the stain looked similar to mould so decided to give it a go with some bathroom mould remover spray.  I got out the ladder and set to work.  Sure enough after leaving the spray on for ten minutes I then wiped it off and the ceiling was back as good as new.

Well worth the effort.  It will be interesting to see what happens in the next heavy rainstorm.That is sun reflection in the centre of the ceiling.

Metung village update.

On Melbourne Cup Day last year, the building which housed a restaurant, bakery and real estate office was badly burned. I posted about it here.

Since that time there was a period where nothing at all happened regarding the rebuild of the premises.  The bakery moved to premises across the road and the Lockwood Real Estate office moved to temporary accommodation but other than that the activity was zero.

It was many months before something started to happen and the demolition of unsafe parts of the building took place.  Rebuilding commenced and I can now say that the building is complete.

It is identical to the previous building except for the addition of wheelchair access.

Where the Bakery was is now Bella’s Providore. Bella’s will be primarily a gourmet takeaway and produce business offering fish and chips, burgers, souvlaki, roast chickens and a range of salads.

The restaurant is not opened yet and they apparently are not planning to open until June. The busy Christmas period will be short of one restaurant and one cafe as The Smiling Chef closed down recently.  I guess that means others will get more business.

In other Metung news there has been activity at the beach area on Beach Road.Paths are being built to link the village to the back beach.

Barbecue tables have been erected and hopefully electric barbecues will be installed before the busy Christmas period.So good to see improvements happening in the village.


Frogging balls or skeins

The jumper was frogged into balls and I was going to wash them as balls until I read a bit about frogging on the internet.  Apparently they suggest that you should wash the frogged wool as skeins rather than balls.

I then unwound a few balls into skeins and gave that a go.

This is how the skeins looked after being washed.  I wasn’t convinced that the result was any better than leaving the wool in balls to do the wash so I only did what you see here, the rest I left in balls.

After drying the wool I then wound the balls using my new Yarn Winder.  I love it.

You can see that there is still a bit of kink in the wool but it won’t be noticed in what I am using it for.

I am happy with the result.

Things are happening at the site of the burned out restaurant.

Melbourne Cup Day last year there was a fire at the Nautica Restaurant in Metung.  The result of the fire meant that the Bakery, a real estate office and a restaurant were no longer able to trade.  Demolition of the damaged parts of the building happened fairly quickly but then things came to a standstill.  It is now almost eleven months since that happened and things have at last started to move on the rebuilding of the premises.

The roof framing is being installed so hopefully it shouldn’t be too long before the roof goes up.  It would be wonderful for the village if the premises reopened before the busy tourist season in Summer.

Update, the roof is now being put on. 3/10/2019