A little bit more Marimekko using free bag pattern

Remember when i said I was going to see what I could produce with a metre of Marimekko fabric?  Well I have just made something else.

I found a pattern on the website of A Very Purple Person and decided I could use up some of my left over scraps.

The bag is reversible, the next picture shows the inside which can be used as the outside too.

I still have a couple of small scraps left so there is probably one more project left.

Sewing for me

I have finally got around to doing some sewing for myself. I find it a bit tricky doing sewing for myself as I have a scoliosis which makes fitting garments a bit tricky.  I have bought a dressmakers dummy in the hope that I will be able to make some changes to the shape of the dummy so that when I make something for myself it will be a better fit than in my past attempts.

The garment I have chosen to make is this one, a very simple straight shift.

I bought some very cheap stretch fabric for my first try.

I was working on the premise that if it didn’t work out it would not be a big waste of money.

I cut out the longer version but when I had finished the garment I actually ended up hemming the shorter version.

The pocket detail.

Overall I am happy with the finished result.  Next time I would make it in a finer fabric as this fabric is quite thick.

Tah dah! Finished at last

This is matching the yoke to the tissue pattern, lining up the sleeve seams and centre backs before sewing on the bias neckband.

I have finally finished the smocked dress.

I had issues with the buttons.  I always seem to have a problem when it comes to buttons, this time it was covered buttons.

I bought a covered button kit from Spotlight so I could make the buttons to finish off the dress as specified in the Vogue pattern.  Covered buttons have changed since I last bought any, you no longer are required to sew around the circle to gather the fabric. (In hindsight maybe I just bought the wrong sort of cover buttons but they were the only ones available at Spotlight.) The instructions with the buttons said to use a double layer of fabric if the fabric was fine so I did just that but the back wouldn’t stay on the button.  I then tried with interfacing on the back of the fabric and that didn’t work either.  Anyway I persevered and eventually managed to get the backing to stay on the button, at least I thought I had.  I sewed four of the six buttons onto the dress and was just about to sew on the fifth button when I noticed that one of the covers had come off.  I then tried to undo the other buttons and they also fell off the backing.  I was so annoyed.  I have since written to Birch Creative to let them know of the issues I had.  I hope I hear something back from them.

I went back to the sewing room to see if I had any buttons that might work ok with the dress and came up with some that I think look fine.