The last of the Marimekko

Way back in 2016 I bought a metre of Marimekko fabric.  I wrote about it here.

I had used up almost all of the fabric but there was still a little scrap left.  I have been making  some more masks for me and my husband and I thought I might have enough of the marimekko fabric to make a mask for our daughter. 

I did manage to make her a mask and so posted it off to her today.

I made two masks for my husband and one for me.

Some sewing for a change

One of my bike riding friends has discovered the joy of knitting and has embraced the craft wholeheartedly.  She has been completing items so quickly she has become an expert in a short time.  She is quickly accumulating a collection of knitting needles so I thought it would be a good idea to make her a needle roll. It is a great way to store your knitting equipment.

I made one for myself many years ago, in fact I replaced the first one I made with a new one in nice fabric. I also made one for my elder daughter many years ago.  It is a while since I last made one so I checked out the internet for a pattern and chose one. Erica’s Roll up needle case.

This is the pattern I followed but unfortunately the fabric caused issues with my sewing machine once I tried to sew through several thicknesses as the machine kept skipping stitches.  I changed the needle and gave the machine a thorough clean but all to no avail.  I decided that I should just give up on this one and start again with different fabric.  Fortunately I have plenty of fabric in my stash.

The pattern I had followed from the internet actually was not long enough for the knitting needles we use and so It turned out that the dodgy fabric was a blessing as I was able to make the new needlecase following the dimensions of my previous needlecase.

I was happy with the finished result and my friend was delighted with the gift.

Once a few more needles are added the roll indeed becomes a roll.


It’s been a while. . .

I have just been told by WordPress that it is nine years since I started this blog.

I used to publish each weekday for quite a while but now I am at the stage where I only post now and again. I first started to blog as I needed some purpose to my retirement and a routine in my day but now I have many other things I do in my retirement so blogging has eased off considerably.

So, to the topic of today’s post. . . .Victorians will all have to wear facemasks from midnight on Sunday 2nd August as a result of another day of very high COVID count.  This announcement prompted me to make a couple of masks in readiness.

This was one I made a couple of weeks ago and was happy with the pattern so decided to go with this mask pattern to make a couple for my husband.

I am off on a bike riding weekend but one of the ladies is taking her sewing machine and I am providing fabric, (plenty of spare fabric in my stash), and we are all going to be helping make masks for those of us who don’t have them.  The evenings will be productive, along with a few gins and tonic.

Another flannie.

I finally got around to finishing the second shirt for my granddaughter.  I do tend to get waylaid by things so it has taken a while to get this finished.  I quickly parceled it up and posted it without delay.  I parceled it up so quickly that I neglected to put the card inside.  Hopefully my granddaughter will get the shirts before it is too warm to wear them when she helps her dad working in the shed and on “Bluebell”.


I had a project in mind.

I bought two pieces of fabric two week ago as it is a while since I last did any sewing.  I had a project in mind but it needed to wait until I got back from my bike ride in Melbourne.

I bought flannel to make a couple of work shirts for our granddaughter.  The pattern can be made with a hood but I decided just to keep it as a shirt.

I also decided to go with the pocket and front band cut on the bias just to change things up a bit.

I have the second shirt cut out so it should get done on the weekend.  I hope they fit.



Old shirt recycled as dress lining.

It is a while since I have done any sewing.  I had cut out this dress last summer but hadn’t got around to doing anything with the cut out pieces.  I have finally got my act together and completed it.  The lining and pockets are made from shirt fabric that is being recycled.

I wasn’t sure if my granddaughter would wear it but I think the pockets were what convinced her.  She loves having pockets to put things in.  Although it is still winter here she wore it on her way back home to Canberra.