Do you know what this tree is?

When we were recently in Traralgon we went for a walk through Victory Park.  We noticed this beautiful tree in bloom and none of us knew what type of tree it was.  Can you help me out with a name?

The blossom reminded me a little of wild clematis but this is a tree not a climber.

Our National Library :Australian children’s literature, so many memories.

Our younger daughter and our son both live in Canberra and we will be there in February.   I would like to pay a visit to the National Library as they have a wonderful exhibition on at the moment called Storytime.

“Story Time is curated thematically, exploring common themes in Australian children’s literature. Below are some highlights from the exhibition. Get ready to venture into a kaleidoscopic landscape of words, pictures, people, places and animals as Story Time reacquaints you with old friends and introduces you to new ones.”

We will be there just before the exhibition finishes so I will need to make sure we get to Canberra a day earlier than planned.

It was delightful reading the online version which you can find here. I was reminded of the many books our children had when they were growing up.  Lovely memories.


Six years ago

I was reminded on Facebook of a post I had published six years ago and I thought it was worth visiting again.The chart is small but if you click on the image you will be able to read it.  There are some points that are well worth noting.  I think the amount of sitting I have been doing recently with the Big Bash cricket on television means that my health should be suffering.  I hope I manage to do all the right things to alleviate possible negative impacts of too much sitting.

A wide brown land. . . . .

A sculpture at the National Arboretum in Canberra, the nation’s capital.  You can see Black Mountain Tower in the background.

Many Australians would at least be familiar with the second verse of Dorothea MacKellar’s poem, My Country.  In the video the poet recites the complete poem.  During this time of devastating bushfires and now flooding rains I felt it was a good time to reflect on this poem.

It has been a difficult time for my country but the people are known for their resilience and “She’ll be right mate” attitude.

The story of Anne Frank

I visited the Bairnsdale Library last week as there is a new exhibition about Anne Frank on the top floor of the library.

The exhibition opened in The Jewish Holocaust Centre in Melbourne and is now travelling around the country.

In 2015 the Anne Frank House introduced a new generation of travelling exhibitions: “Let Me Be Myself – The Life Story of Anne Frank”. Apart from the story of Anne Frank and the historical context of her time, it specifically highlights the contemporary relevance of the story of Anne Frank.

You can read more information on the exhibition here.

As well as the specific Anne Frank exhibition there is another part of the exhibition which relates to tolerance, racism, disability, religion, nationality, gender and how we view ourselves.  A very thought provoking exhibition and one that will be excellent for students as well as adults to view.

(You can click on the photos to enlarge and then click again to magnify).


Looking for inspiration.

I want to make some pictures to hang in our toilet but I am not sure quite what I want to do.  I decided to take a look at my Pinterest board for ideas and was surprised by the many and wonderful quotes that I had pinned there.  It will be difficult to make a choice.

If you click on the photo it will take you to the actual board where there are many more framing thoughts I have pinned.