Day 2 of Tour de Vines

Our second day started with a breakfast at The Alpine Gate Cafe and then off we headed with our first stop being Pepo Farms which is the only pumpkin seed production site in Australia and it was a really informative stop.  We had no idea that the majority of our pumpkin seeds are from China….

Tour de Vines starting in Metung.

This was our first stop on our way to a two day Tour de Vines cycle ride from Beechworth to Bright. A group of five of us travelled from Metung, over Mount Hotham to Bright, stopping at Omeo so I could tick off one of my wishes, to have lunch at the Golden Age Hotel….

I’ve been on the stravaig.

First stop Temora. A while since I last posted and that is because we have been off on a road trip in Victoria and New South Wales. The first leg of our trip took us out to the western parts of N.S.W. after a trip across Mount Hotham. The views across the mountains are stunning…

The Great Alpine Road. . . .Tuesday Travels

We have just returned from a few days in the Victorian Alps and the Rutherglen wine district having traveled the Great Alpine Road.  We just wanted to have a chance to see the Autumn colours in the Bright region as we had missed them on our previous visit. We organised our accommodation for two nights…