Old Bus Depot Markets at Kingston

I have just returned from Canberra as we were attending a 40th birthday party.  Great night!  Fabulous food. It was Jack Daniels themed. While we were in Canberra we visited the Old Bus Depot Market in Kingston. The market is literally in the old bus depot.  All Canberra’s buses used to be housed and maintained here….

Cold Light, another in my A-Z Book Challenge.

I have just finished what I would call a tome, 719 pages.  The letter M in my A-Z Book Challenge. It is a book that I have thoroughly enjoyed as the majority of the novel was set in my old home town, Canberra. This book is the third in the Edith Trilogy.  Strangely I didn’t…

Canberra bashing as tired as New Zealand sheep jokes

I lived and worked in Canberra for about thirty five years.  I met my husband there, married there and raised a family there.  It is a beautiful city and one I am immensely proud of. When we were newly married I can remember having to defend my home town to my mother-in-law! She was a…

Sculptures in the centre of Canberra

I was recently in Canberra, our nation’s capital. I was in the central shopping part of Canberra where I came across some new street art. There were a couple of new sculptures. There were also some old sculptures. This sheep one is my favourite. When Canberra was chosen as the site for the nation’s capital…

Canberra – our nation’s capital

I have a great fondness for Canberra, having spent almost all of my married life there. Our children grew up in Canberra and I have many wonderful memories of a beautiful city. I no longer live there but am fortunate that two of our children still live there so we are able to visit frequently….