A different knitting project

I have been busily working on another knitting project while doing the various swatches for the skull jumper.  I am knitting a cardigan for one of my granddaughters.  The wool is lovely and soft and I am really enjoying knitting with it.  It is a very simple classic cardigan pattern taken from this booklet.

I have just added a little bit of colour with left over wool as a band around the base of the cardigan.  I have knitted this pattern before but I am doing it in the next size up this time.

I just have the band to do now.  I even have the buttons at the ready.

I have managed to get a bit mo……..

I have been missing in action recently so this post was started on 23rd March and it is now 21st April.  That is almost a month away from doing blog posts. The post I was going to do was about a cardigan I was knitting for my granddaughter. I mentioned this cardigan in a previous post.I have managed to get a bit more knitting done while the Cricket Test has been on in India. (The Test finished quite some time ago. )

I have completed the body of the cardigan and I am now onto the sleeves.(That has also progressed. )

Since starting this post the cardigan is now completed and my granddaughter has been wearing it.  Onto the next project.


Cricket and craft. . . .summer is here

The first series of One Day Internationals in the cricket has just finished and we are about to embark on a Test Series with Pakistan.  I love when the cricket is on as I can justify sitting down to watch it by doing some knitting, sewing or crocheting.

While the ODIs were on I managed to complete a few items.  This cardigan is the first item.

cardiganI have knitted this pattern before. The pattern is free and you can read about the first version here.

 This one I knitted in 2012.  I didn’t end up using the bow just leaving the cardigan without fastening.

A finished piece in pink

Aran knittingLast time I mentioned this piece of knitting it was 10th February.  I am pleased to say that the work is now complete and has been given to my daughter.  I will add that it didn’t have buttons when I gave it to her as I wasn’t prepared to pay the exorbitant price asked for buttons from our local haberdashery shop.  I have a large collection of buttons but us usual I didn’t have the colour I needed.  Why are buttons so expensive to buy?  I was wishing I was in York and could visit this shop.Button shopI even went to a thrift shop thinking I could buy a garment of a similar colour and use the buttons from the garment. . . .it would have been cheaper. . . .but unfortunately there was nothing of a similar colour.  My daughter will now need to find buttons to finish off the cardigan or leave it buttonless as I don’t think she is likely to do up the buttons anyway.

pink aran cardiganMy daughter tells me the cardigan has been put to good use already.


My latest knitting venture

wool chartThis is the wool chart that I sent a photo of to my elder daughter to choose a colour as I had told her I needed a project for knitting.  I had to order the wool from the local wool shop. She wants me to make her an oversized cardigan so I searched through all the old patterns I have and came up with this one.  The booklet is one I bought for 20 cents at a thrift shop.

Aran cardigan

I have started the project and there has been cricket on recently so I will get this done quite quickly.

Aran patternThe pattern is meant to be knitted in Panda but that has acrylic in it and I wanted to knit in pure wool so it meant that I really needed to do a tension square to make sure that I got that right.  I needed to go to a half size bigger needle to get the correct tension.  The cardigan is knitted in 10 ply so it will be a quick project.

Aran knitting

A classic cotton cardigan

My latest piece of knitting is a classic cardigan for next summer.  I know we have just  finished this summer but this one has been made to fit my granddaughter next summer, when she will be one.

cotton cardigan


It was made in cotton and was very easy to knit.  I knitted the fronts and back as one piece up to the arm decrease so there were less seams to join.

The pattern was from this booklet which I found at a thrift shop.

pattern book

The pattern I used was this one.

classic baby cardiganNow I just need to check my stash of buttons to see it I have four suitable buttons.  I might just be lucky otherwise off to Spotlight again. 🙂

(I did have some buttons that were suitable.  That was lucky.