A different knitting project

I have been busily working on another knitting project while doing the various swatches for the skull jumper.  I am knitting a cardigan for one of my granddaughters.  The wool is lovely and soft and I am really enjoying knitting with it.  It is a very simple classic cardigan pattern taken from this booklet.

I have just added a little bit of colour with left over wool as a band around the base of the cardigan.  I have knitted this pattern before but I am doing it in the next size up this time.

I just have the band to do now.  I even have the buttons at the ready.

I have managed to get a bit mo……..

I have been missing in action recently so this post was started on 23rd March and it is now 21st April.  That is almost a month away from doing blog posts. The post I was going to do was about a cardigan I was knitting for my granddaughter. I mentioned this cardigan in a previous post.I have managed to get a bit more knitting done while the Cricket Test has been on in India. (The Test finished quite some time ago. )

I have completed the body of the cardigan and I am now onto the sleeves.(That has also progressed. )

Since starting this post the cardigan is now completed and my granddaughter has been wearing it.  Onto the next project.


Cricket and craft. . . .summer is here

The first series of One Day Internationals in the cricket has just finished and we are about to embark on a Test Series with Pakistan.  I love when the cricket is on as I can justify sitting down to watch it by doing some knitting, sewing or crocheting.

While the ODIs were on I managed to complete a few items.  This cardigan is the first item.

cardiganI have knitted this pattern before. The pattern is free and you can read about the first version here.

 This one I knitted in 2012.  I didn’t end up using the bow just leaving the cardigan without fastening.