Strips of colour or chevrons

A while ago I crocheted a chevron rug for my daughter.  I used wool that I had frogged from a jumper and then bought the contrasting wool.

I was delighted when my son said he would be happy if I made him a lap rug using up scraps of wool.  He normally doesn’t ask for me to knit anything for him so I jumped at this idea.  I decided I would crochet a chevron rug as it is easy to do, no thinking required while I watch the cricket.

As soon as I arrived home I checked out the pile of left-over wool and pulled out a few colours that I thought would go together ok.

I was sorting through my 8ply box but when I finished the rug I found that I had inadvertently put in some wool that was not 8ply.  I don’t think it makes too much of a difference and the finished rug looks ok.

The pale grey is the non 8ply. You can see that the chevron is narrower.

I am happy with the result.

Chevron blanket free crochet pattern

I wrote previously about how I frogged a jumper I had knitted and was going to make it into a chevron blanket.  When I looked back to find the post I discovered it was quite some time ago, December 2012, so the blanket should be finished.

chevron blanketIt is almost finished, I just have to sew in the ends.

I am really happy with the way it turned out.

chevron blanket 2The colours are actually a bit brighter than shown here but I think the colour combination is striking.

close up of chevronsThis is the first time I have attempted crochet on such a large scale.  It was a good project to have as an on-going project when in between other projects.

Here is the pattern.

I used Size 4.00 crochet hook and double knitting/8 ply wool. The yellow was bought and the grey was from a frogged jumper so there is a slight variation in the tension of the two colours.

The stitches used are chain and single crochet.


ch = chain

sc = single crochet

st(s) = stitch stitches

sk = skip


Starting with first colour, chain 337 sts


Sk first st from hook; work 1 sc in each of the next 2 sts inserting crochet hook in the horizontal thread in the back of ch st ; sk 1 st; * 1 sc in each of next 15 sts; 3 sc in next st; 1 sc in each of next 15 sts; sk 2 sts. Repeat from (*) nine times, the last time sk only one st; 1 sc in each of last two sts.  There should be ten scallops. Ch 1 – turn.


1 sc in each of first 2 sts, taking up both threads of st below; sk 1 st * 1 sc in each of next 15 sts, taking up the back threadonly of sts below; 3 sc in back thread of next st; 1 sc in each of the next 15 sts; sk 2 sts.  Repeat from (*) nine times the last time sk only 1 st at end of point; 1sc in each of last 2 sts taking up BOTh threads of st below.

(The first and last 2 sts are taken on both threads of st to prevent edge from curlin.)

Repeat the second row for the entire rug.

I used ten rows for each colour.

The finished rug measures 120 cms long and 110 cms wide.