What a bargain!

Those of you who have followed this blog over the years will know that my favourite illustrator is Robert Ingpen.  I have wirtten previous posts about him and this is another one.

I was lucky to find another hardback book in his series of illustrated classics.  I found this at the Op Shop at St John’s church in Bairnsdale.  What a treasure to find and the best part was it cost $4.

The end papers of the book are so fitting.I have so many happy memories related to this book.  I loved it as a child and I remember taking my elder daughter to see a stage production of this at the Canberra Theatre.  She was very young at the time and may not have the vivid memory that I have of that particular event.

It is a lovely story and I am happy to be able to add it to my collection of Ingpen illustrated classics.

The art of Robert Ingpen

ingpenI have written previously about my love of Robert Ingpen’s art. Today on the ABC website there was an article about Ingpen. A book has been released called Wonderlands and it chronicles the art of this wonderful illustrator.  I had noticed this book on a recent visit to a bookshop in Canberra and was intrigued to have a quick flip through.  One of the books mentioned was Ziba Came on a Boat.

ZibaI didn’t know of this children’s book and I decided I would look out for it as it tells the story of a refugee.  I was eventually able to get the book at our local bookstore and the illustrations reminded me of the Voyage of the Poppykettle.

WonderlandsWonderlands is a beautiful book and there is an exhibition in Geelong  until 29th October featuring Robert Ingpen’s Storybook Art to commemorate his 80th birthday.  I have convinced my husband that we need to see this exhibition so we are off to Melbourne next weekend.



Tuesday travels. . . . .Melbourne

As we have been in Melbourne for a couple of days I thought it could be my subject for Tuesday Travels this week and continue with my Scottish travels next week.

My husband came with me this trip and we had an enjoyable couple of days.  The weather was very good, which is unusual for Melbourne.

Things are obviously gearing up for Christmas and there were many primary school groups around, we presumed they had come to see the Christmas windows at Myer. It was very difficult to get a decent picture of the windows so you will need to use your imagination.

Myer window

There were about ten animated window displays all based on the book Gingerbread Friends by Jan Brett. The streets were also looking suitably festive.

Christmas decorations

I enjoy wandering Melbourne as the architecture of the buildings is so interesting, (apologies for the overhead tram lines 🙂 )

Manchester Unity building

even when renovation is taking place.

There are the many lanes that are noted for their street art and of course, The Block Arcade,

Block Arcade

home to Haigh’s  Chocolates.


In the foyer of one of the shopping arcades is this beautiful mosaic, which was part of the Australia Hotel on Collins Street.


There are so many shops you can’t possibly see all of them but we did try.  This shop window reminded me of my younger daughter.

shoesWe finished off our trip with breakfast at our favourite French pâtisserie, Laurent.(our elder daughter introduced us to it many years ago)  There are some lovely photos of the cafe here.


We had journeyed to Melbourne by train this time and of course Flinders Street Station is also renowned for its architecture but it was the signage that caught my eye this time.  The lettering is actually part of the tile, it hasn’t been added as an afterthought.


The station is about to go through the much needed process of rejuvenation, without destroying the heritage parts of the structure.  The link I gave provides all the details.

Melbourne is a delight to visit and we will be back there soon.

Cake in the morning

I’ve been known to partake of cake in the morning!

One of the blogs I follow is Beautiful Railway Bridge of the Silvery Tay.  Recently he posted this You Tube video of James Gandolfini reading Maurice Sendak’s In the Night Kitchen.  Strange to think that this book was banned in some libraries.  What were they thinking?

Dickens and Ingpen, a beautiful combination

Today is the 200th birthday of Charles Dickens.

I thought I would share with you a beautifully illustrated Dickens book, given to me by my husband.

I have mentioned Robert Ingpen in a previous post but I thought today was a perfect opportunity to share my love of his illustrations. He is the only Australian to be awarded the Hans Christian Andersen Medal for his international contribution to book illustration.

The illustrations in A Christmas Carol are mainly drawn in sombre tones, as befits the story, and yet they are still beautiful.

llustrations © Robert Ingpen, A Christmas Carol, 2007

If you would like to learn more about Ingpen’s illustrations you can view this video.

This newspaper article from 2005 gives more detailed information about Ingpen. He also designed the bronze doors for the Melbourne Cricket Ground and their 150th anniversary tapestry.