More cooking, balm for the soul.

Our cumquat tree has produced well this year and so i have managed to make a batch of cumquat marmalade.  I am not a huge fan of marmalade but I love cumquat marmalade. I have blogged about this before and you can find the link to the recipe here.

It’s that time of year again!

Our cumquat tree is covered in cumquats so it is time once again to make cumquat marmalade.  This is one kilo of cumquats and is just the first lot of ripe fruit.  The tree still has lots of fruit on it so no doubt I will be making a few more batches. You can find…

Cumquat time again

I have posted previously about the cumquat marmalade I make.  The tree that we planted two years ago is now well established and produces fruit almost continuously. Today I changed one kilo of cumquats into several jars of cumquat marmalade.  You can find the recipe on the previous post. I also prepared one kilo of…

Tomato sauce takes precedence

No time for blogging today as I am busy making tomato sauce.  Our neighbour gave us an eleven kilo box of tomatoes last night.  Must get busy. In the background you can see some cumquats prepared for making marmalade, that was before the tomatoes arrived.  Marmalade to be made too.

Cumquat marmalade or is it jam?

Red italicised words are links. When we visited Canberra last weekend we were able to get some cumquats from our daughter.  When we moved house she was the recipient of some of our citrus trees that we had kept in tubs.  The reason they were in tubs is that Canberra gets severe frosts in winter…