Remember the denim chair?

denim chairSince finishing the chair I was left with a large pile of cut up jeans.  I was not sure what to do with the left overs so I went online to Pinterest and typed in recycled denim.  Wow! what a wealth of ideas that gave me.

I quite liked several of the ideas :

1ce9313a6828357ef20dedafc4d177af dcae065ec8f836655fc034fd817e482cBut check out the Pinterest page to see what’s there.

I decided that I would just crochet a rug.  My younger daughter wanted me to keep the pockets for her as she is planning an advent calendar using  a pocket for each day.  I think I have sixteen pockets so far and no doubt there will be more.

My first task was to cut up the denim in 1 inch strips.

denim stripsI will do this when the mood takes me so this project, like the chair, might take me quite some time.

The strips then have to be sewn together.

strips sewn togetherThe long strip then gets rolled into the resemblance of a ball.

denim strip ballThe pictures are a bit washed out so the denim doesn’t look very blue.

You then create a chain of the desired length.

denim chainIt is then just a case of crocheting single crochet until you have the rug length you desire.

Here you can see the size of the crochet hook.

denim crochetI have six rows so far.

five rowsIt looks a bit frayed but the whole idea is that it is a rag rug.  It is very sturdy.  This project may take a while. I think it will look fine when it is finished.  Ideal for in the shed!

Tah dah!!

denim recycledWhen I looked back to when I first posted about this chair and my plans for it, I discovered it was way, way back in November 2014, that is almost two years ago.

If you look at that post you will see that I did say it was a long term project but I hadn’t envisaged it being that long!

denim chairPlenty of pockets for bits and pieces.

the final piece addedThe back piece was the final piece added.  Now it just needs to find its way to Canberra.

Upholstery update

arm of chairSlowly I have been working on the armchair I am recovering.  I have now completed one arm.

denim cushionI have also completed the cushion for on the already completed base.  Now I need to cover the other arm and the back and then put it all together!

A deficiency of denim or should that be a dearth of denim?

I have made a start on the upholstering of the armchair

denim chairand it has become painfully obvious that I will have nowhere near the amount of denim I require.


I was going to head out to the thrift store today but my sister contacted me to say that her husband had a pair of jeans that I could use for the upholstery. Hopefully that will be enough.

denim chair 2




Are you sitting down?

My next project is one that I think will keep my busy for a while.  It is what I call an on-going project.  I will fit other projects in between doing this one.

Here it is.


Our younger daughter’s partner loves this chair and he would like it covered in patchwork denim.  I love a challenge and so we brought the chair back with us on our last trip to Canberra.

I have covered chairs before but the armchairs I covered had wooden arms so this is a new challenge for me.

I started by removing the staples where it was possible to do so

staple removalbut soon discovered that the chair would require some extra help from my husband.

removing screwsThe arms had been covered prior to being joined to the central part of the chair.  Once my husband had removed the screws, with the nifty gadget he has, I was able to continue removing the staples.

in piecesI reckon there are well over a hundred staples in this piece of furniture, possibly closer to two hundred!

I have been collecting my husband’s old jeans specifically for a project such as this but I think I will require more than I have so I will need to pay a visit to a thrift store.

jeansI will do a follow up post later when I have started work on the actual upholstery.

Pinafore dresses for Miss M

I remember when my girls were little that a pinafore dress was a quick easy way for winter dressing.  Tights, a skivvy and a pinafore.  Last winter I made some pinafores for my granddaughter and she got much use out of them.  I thought I would make some new ones for this winter, this time in a size 3, as some growing has happened in a year. 🙂

The pattern is very easy and the three pinafores were made in a day.

pinaforeCheerful pattern

Different buttons needed

Didn’t really have suitable buttons so my daughter can change these.


The fabric for this pinafore had issues – ie the black ran when it was washed even though it was washed in cold water.  You can see it if you look closely.

denimThis one looks rather plain but it is in denim, very versatile, and I was able to use the owl buttons I bought at the Makers Market some time ago.

owl buttons