Some renovation required

I forgot to take a picture before I started taking off the old brushwood on this archway but now that I have, you can see where paint is required before I put on new brushwood.  When I painted originally the brushwood was attached to the wood so I could only paint up as far as the brushwood, now I have the opportunity to paint the whole thing.

The photo above lets you see how little of the brushwood was left on the arch.  It has gradually worn away and now it is certainly time for some new brushwood.

The blind on the righthand side is to screen out the late afternoon sun when we are sitting at the outdoor dining table in summer.

It will be great to get the new brushwood up.  I have done the painting, now I just need to cut the brushwood to fit and then install it.  Hopefully I will be able to show you a finished project fairly soon.

Fixing the ceiling on the portico.

The ceiling on the portico in front of our house was replaced a few years ago.  When it was replaced the new ceiling looked terrific and we were delighted with the result. Move on a couple of years and a few heavy rainstorms over time and the ceiling was beginning to look a bit suspect.

I thought the stain looked similar to mould so decided to give it a go with some bathroom mould remover spray.  I got out the ladder and set to work.  Sure enough after leaving the spray on for ten minutes I then wiped it off and the ceiling was back as good as new.

Well worth the effort.  It will be interesting to see what happens in the next heavy rainstorm.That is sun reflection in the centre of the ceiling.

An essential trip to Perry Bridge for tomatoes

Tomato sauce is an essential for my younger daughter’s family.  I make the sauce which has become the firm favourite for the family.  We had been hoping to get sauce tomatoes from the local greengrocer but the price was a bit expensive.  We have been fortunate in previous years to get our tomatoes from a farmer at Perry Bridge but last year he didn’t have a crop.  We were lucky this year as he had an advertisement in the local paper saying that he had tomatoes for sale this year so we made the 150 km round trip to get the tomatoes. $15 for a ten kilo box.

We also bought some capsicum from him and I already had the garlic and onions.

The box had ten kilos so I cooked the sauce in 2 kilo lots.

I prepared each of the spice lots and chopped the tomatoes and onions in 5 batches.

Here you can see I have completed two batches and there are three waiting for the next lot of cooking.I chop the onion in the food processor but do the tomatoes by hand.

This lets you see if the sauce is ready for bottling.  This wasn’t ready as you can see that the liquid has separated.  The mixture needed to be cooked for longer.

It took two days to complete the ten kilos but it was well worth it.

What we have done to our hedge.

Our side hedge is quite a long hedge and over the years since we have lived here the height of it seems to get taller and taller.  One year we did get someone in to lower the hedge but it obviously wasn’t low enough and it has grown back over the years again.

You can see from the picture below our hedge height before I started to cut it back.

The reason for cutting it down so much lower is that I am now in my seventies and I guess I am more aware that when I get on a platform there is the possibility that I might fall and that would not be a good thing.  To cut the top of the hedge I needed to get on a platform that was about a metre high, not a good height from which to fall.

I have cut the hedge down to head height so I should be able to reach it more easily.

There was certainly plenty of green waste to take to the tip as we managed about eleven ute loads.

When did I last do framing?

I have finally put some time aside to do a bit of framing.  The framing that I did was some that I started a long time ago but just haven’t got around to finishing.  I seem to spend a great deal of time procrastinating.

The frame of the brown picture I made by using an old frame which was purchased cheaply at an op shop and then I cut the frame down to size.  I didn’t have any thick framing wood so that was the cheapest way to do it.

I have one more poster that I have to finish framing but I am having difficulty in procuring glass for it as the poster is quite large.  I might have to get a piece of glass cut to size at the glazier’s. I really need to finish the picture as I have had it for a couple of years now. Oh dear. I need to get my act together.

It has taken a year. . .is that procrastinating?

I wrote a blog post in October 2017 saying that I wanted to redecorate our bedroom.

This is how our bedroom looked then.I have almost finished the redecoration and it has taken longer than I anticipated. The reason for the delay in starting was summoning up the courage to tackle using chalk paint.  I checked out several videos on YouTube and spoke to the retailer in Paint n’ Paper in Bairnsdale and decided I would give it a go.  It didn’t seem to be as terrifying as I thought.

I purchased a 1 litre can of chalk paint in Irish Linen and a tub of wax for the finishing off.  I ended up buying a second can of paint as I thought I wouldn’t have enough.  As it was I only used about 5 or 6 dips of paint from the second can but I did need it.

I started with the bedside cabinets.  This is is a before and after picture.  I only painted the front of the drawers and the actual cabinet frame.  I didn’t bother with the back as no one is going to see the back.  This is before the wax had been applied and the handles bronzed. The next picture is the finished cabinet.

The bed was a tedious job as there were so many railings to paint.  Two coats were applied and then the sanding to distress the piece before the wax was applied to seal the finish.The dresser required more care as I had to get my husband to dismantle the mirror from its frame before I could start painting the surround.  Again it all went well and the mirror was returned to its rightful place after everything was waxed.The wall colours are Taubman’s Rendezvous for the feature wall and Taubman’s Silky blue for the other walls.The colours are truer on the photos rather than the colour samples.

Now I just need to get some art work on the walls.  I have put up some family photos but we need artwork on the feature wall.Strange how the wall colours look grey in this photo.