A snow outfit

doll clothesThis little ensemble is for the doll that lives at our house and is used when our granddaughter visits.  It was originally to be a birthday present for another granddaughter but that birthday has long gone.  I had issues when making this outfit and I blogged about it previously.  I started this quite some time ago and have only just finished it. (Cricket is on television).  The item on the right of the picture is supposed to be a muffler.

doll clothesI have yet to come up with a way of closing the front of the jacket.  I tried stick-on velcro but is just keeps coming off when you undo the velcro so I will need to think of another method.  I guess I could sew on the velcro but I don’t think that would look too neat.  Maybe I will use press studs.  Any ideas are welcome.

The pattern came from the book described in this blog post.

A dolly’s nightie

A while back I posted about a nightie I had made for my granddaughter and I said I would be making a matching nightie for her doll.  I finally finished the doll nightie and now my granddaughter can match her dolly to her own nightgown.

nightie and doll's nightieI was worried that the doll nightie would be too big for her dolly but it turned out to be just the right size.

Dolly now has a bit of personality

Dolly now has a bit of personality as well as clothes!

I posted previously about making a doll for our new grandchild.  The doll was made prior to our granddaughter’s arrival but she was the bare bones.  I had to wait until I knew whether the grandchild was a boy or a girl before doing the finishing touches.

bare bonesI have now given the doll some hair

doll hairand some clothes

doll clothesand it will be left to our daughter to come up with a name.  I hope it begins with “J”