Sewing for me

I have finally got around to doing some sewing for myself. I find it a bit tricky doing sewing for myself as I have a scoliosis which makes fitting garments a bit tricky.  I have bought a dressmakers dummy in the hope that I will be able to make some changes to the shape of the dummy so that when I make something for myself it will be a better fit than in my past attempts.

The garment I have chosen to make is this one, a very simple straight shift.

I bought some very cheap stretch fabric for my first try.

I was working on the premise that if it didn’t work out it would not be a big waste of money.

I cut out the longer version but when I had finished the garment I actually ended up hemming the shorter version.

The pocket detail.

Overall I am happy with the finished result.  Next time I would make it in a finer fabric as this fabric is quite thick.

Material possessions in their finished state

I have managed to get a bit of sewing done lately and these pieces are the results of some of the material I bought at Rosedale.  I had a bit of hand sewing to do before they were finished. Note I need my cup of coffee while doing hand sewing.

These were the first finished, two pinafore dresses.

The pinafore is a very simple pattern, quick to make.

I love the fabric for the shirt.

 I have a couple of other dresses almost finished but I need to buy some buttons.

Strange how my large collection of buttons doesn’t seem to have the particular buttons I need!