The Mitchell River Walk

Recently we did the Mitchell River walk as neither of us had done our usual early morning walk.  We drove into Bairnsdale and did the walk that included the part that is used for the Park Run.  It was a beautiful day with just a light wind to make sure that we didn’t get too hot.  The actual walk is over the bridge and down the other side of the river but we kept on the same side and walked a bit further along the river.

We were surprised by the amount of wildlife we encountered on the track.  We particularly enjoyed seeing the smaller bird life as we seem to generally only get the larger birds in our garden.  We saw many blue wrens as there was dense bush for them to take cover from larger birds.

This is the first water dragon we encountered.

Look at the length of that tail.  The dragon was not at all worried about us.

Further along the track we came to the bat colony which I have posted about previously.  The flying foxes are still there in large numbers.

On the return part of our walk we came across another dragon, not the same one!

An National event in Metung

On New Year’s morning when I went for my walk I took a different route to my usual.  The sun was coming up over Bancroft Bay and Metung was looking picturesque.  As I approached the marina there were new signs on the road.

As I got closer to the Yacht Club there were indications that this was a big event as temporary traffic lights had been put up.

The front of the Yacht Club had a banner informing people of the event.

The Australian Championships for International Cadets.  I had no idea what this meant but my husband informed me that a cadet is a type of boat! The cadet dinghy is a junior class of boat that is sailed by two children aged 7 -17.  You can read all about it here.

It was staggering the number of boats that were in the car park and two new ramps had been installed to help with the launching of the boats.

This is just some of the boats and the new launching ramps.

I hope the Championships are a success and that the weather remains good for them.

Not one but two

Out on our front grass recently.  Not one but two echidnas.

We generally see an echidna, an Australian monotreme, at some time each year but this is the first time we have had two at the same time.

They obviously don’t feel threatened here.