A little bit more Marimekko using free bag pattern

Remember when i said I was going to see what I could produce with a metre of Marimekko fabric?  Well I have just made something else.

I found a pattern on the website of A Very Purple Person and decided I could use up some of my left over scraps.

The bag is reversible, the next picture shows the inside which can be used as the outside too.

I still have a couple of small scraps left so there is probably one more project left.

Cut it, rearrange it and put it back together!

I always have plenty of fabric for quilting. In fact I have probably got too much fabric, making it difficult to make choices when selecting colours for a quilt. Yesterday I spent the time cutting the fabrics for a quilt construction and checking my scant 1/4 inch seam allowance on my sewing machine. It is so long since I last quilted that I had forgotten how I got the accurate 1/4 inch but after a few tries with scrap fabric I was good to go.

This is an example of the pattern I am using.  I am using different colours.


I have just started piecing the fabrics and I am determined this time to be absolutely accurate in my piecing. I am measuring each piece of the block as it is completed and trimming it if necessary or resewing the seam. I haven’t had to resew a seam yet, only trim a couple of edges.

Here are some of the fabrics.

some pieces

I had forgotten how much I enjoy quilting and even though quilting has been described as cutting up fabric and then sewing it back together again, I still get a great sense of satisfaction when a block is completed. I am nowhere near completing a block as I like to get all pieces made before arranging the colours to make the blocks.

A Pincushion for your wrist.

One of the blogs I follow is called Mrs M makes and she provided the link to this website that has some free patterns for using up scraps of fabric. Have I mentioned I have lots of scraps of fabric? 🙂 One of the free patterns was for a wrist pincushion.

from www.byannie.com

This is a screenshot so the link won’t work from here you will need to go to www.byannie.com to download the pattern.

wrist pincushionsI ended up making three, one for myself and one for each of my daughters. Since making the pincushions I found these


on another blog called Tea Rose Home and I like them better.

roseI will need to make some more.