Just for a laugh.

Our daughter wore this t-shirt when she was here during the holidays.  I absolutely love it.  My daughter’s partner gave her the t-shirt.  

A bit of a puzzle.

I follow the National Library of Australia on Twitter and this was one of their tweets. I enjoyed doing jigsaw puzzles when our children were young and I am happy to do jigsaws with out grandchildren.  I thought this was a great resource for during social distancing.  You can do jigsaws on your phone, although…


Where on earth has the previous month gone?  I should also say almost all of this month too.  I see that it was October 31st when I last posted on the blog.  I wrote about my October reading I will need to let you know what I read in November and also December when I…

Recreating childhood memories

This is a ginger fluff.  An unusual name for a cake but it is the cake that my mother-in-law used to bake.  Her cakes were delicious. Our elder daughter was recently visiting us and she asked me if I had Granma’s recipe.  Unfortunately I didn’t but that didn’t prevent her from finding a recipe on…

Fixing broken links in the DNA post

I was checking the blog posts that had been viewed recently and part of that is looking at what links had been clicked.  I discovered that there were a couple of broken links on a post that I did a few years ago so I have fixed the links and here is the repaired post….