Tuesday Travels. . .Whaligoe Steps, Caithness

On the map the Whaligoe Steps can be found at  “The Haven”.

When we returned to mainland Scotland after our trip to Shetland we stayed with my cousins at Burrigle, Forse.  We were fortunate to have our cousins show us around the lesser known parts of the countryside and the Whaligoe Steps were something I wanted to see.  I had not visited them when I used to go as a child on holiday to Burrigle so was happy to get the opportunity to visit them and learn a bit about their history.The steep steps down to the harbour are daunting at first sight but it is not too difficult a climb and well worth the effort. You can click on each photo to see more detail.

It is hard to believe that the women used to carry the baskets of herring back up the 300 steps to the top of the cliff.

The history of the Whaligoe Steps is fully described on this site at Undiscovered Scotland.

This is part of undiscovered Scotland that you definitely should see.

Concarneau was worth a second look.

From our base in Mellionnec we made a trip to Concarneau on the south coast of Brittany.  It is the third largest fishing port in France but we were not there early enough to view the fish market!

This part of Concarneau is the Ville Close which is on an island in the harbour.  The tide, as you can see, was out while we were there so we didn’t get the chance to take a picture with the water at high tide.  The access to the Ville Close is by the drawbridge you can see on the left of the picture.  You can also catch a small boat from the other side of the island and it takes you to the newer parts of Concarneau.

This is the entry to the Ville Close which is now mainly a tourist shopping and restaurant area.  You can also walk along the ramparts and this gives you a good view of the harbour and the town.

When we were crossing the drawbridge to enter the Ville Close there was a group of cyclists gathering for a photo opportunity and my husband was able to oblige by taking a few photos for the group members.  The Tour de France was to take place in a few weeks and we encountered many groups of cyclists while we were in Brittany.

The first time we visited Concarneau we ran out of time and decided that we would make another visit if time allowed.  We did manage a second visit a few weeks later.  While we were there we visited the Fishing Museum which is in the Ville Close.  The museum is well worth the admission fee of six euro fifty.  As well as giving a detailed account of the fishing industry you are also able to go on board an old fishing vessel to see what conditions were like for the fishermen.

We had a good wander around the ship.  I would not have liked to be a fisherman.

Concarneau was certainly worth the visit as we also visited the Plages des Sables Blancs.