Update on my wool scraps

This is using some of the small remnants of wool in my stash.  The wool I have used to join the hexagons together comes from a jumper I no longer wore so I frogged that.  I think I will just leave the rug this shape as I have no idea how to make it a rectangle.

Frogging balls or skeins

The jumper was frogged into balls and I was going to wash them as balls until I read a bit about frogging on the internet.  Apparently they suggest that you should wash the frogged wool as skeins rather than balls.

I then unwound a few balls into skeins and gave that a go.

This is how the skeins looked after being washed.  I wasn’t convinced that the result was any better than leaving the wool in balls to do the wash so I only did what you see here, the rest I left in balls.

After drying the wool I then wound the balls using my new Yarn Winder.  I love it.

You can see that there is still a bit of kink in the wool but it won’t be noticed in what I am using it for.

I am happy with the result.

A bit of frogging took place.

I knitted this jumper many, many years ago and the time has come for it to be recycled.

The pattern was knitted at a time when things were loose and bulky and that look is definitely not in anymore.

The jumper looks dirty in the photo but it was just shadows. The colour is also not true as it is a denim blue colour.

I have now frogged the jumper and just need to wash it in skeins and then start another project.

I am not sure what I will knit.  Perhaps I will use the wool as the border for the crocheted hexagon rug I plan to make with all my left over bits of wool.

When did I start this?

I have just finished a piece of knitting that I started quite some time ago.  I thought I had  posted about how I frogged a jumper that I had knitted previously for my younger daughter but I haven’t. This is the jumper I frogged.The jumper was from this booklet.  My daughter no longer wore the jumper I had made and asked me if I would frog it and knit up a different jumper.

The new jumper is a very plain cowl necked jumper and I had the issue of not having sufficient wool to complete it  Fortunately when we were recently in Lake Cathie I was able to find some wool at a little shop in Lauriton.  I was so happy as I thought I was going to have to finish the jumper in a self coloured wool as I had been unable to find the wool in Lakes Entrance or in Canberra.The jumper is finished and although the sleeves are not as long as my daughter usually has them she said she would wear the jumper as three-quarter sleeves.

A new cable jumper on the go

While I was in Canberra my younger daughter had a couple of jumpers that she no longer wears and wondered if I would like to re-purpose the wool.  As you can no doubt imagine I was delighted with the idea.  Very kindly she did the bulk of the frogging of the jumpers as my arm is not quite up to doing that just yet.The first lot of wool was from a wrap I made a few years ago and you can read about it here.

She had already chosen a pattern that she would like made up so it was just a case of getting on to Ravelry and buying the pattern to download.

This is a top down jumper and the first time I have knitted a top down.  It is seamless so in a way it is similar to when I knitted the yoke jumper for my elder daughter.

The pattern is Baby cables and Big ones too by Suvi Simola

If you click on the photo above it will take you to the pattern link.The pattern required lots of stitch markers to show where the cable patterns were to be placed.

I have now reached the point where the sleeves are separated from the body.

Now the bulk of the knitting is stocking stitch apart from a cable down the sleeves so it is easy knitting from now on.





Remember the wool I frogged?

frogged woolThat was back in February and I have now started to knit up the caramel coloured wool again.  The pattern is from this pattern booklet.

Merino deluxe booklet

wrap I had knitted the wrap previously but it had stretched over time that was why it was frogged.  I am now reknitting it in a smaller size.

wrap 2The knitting looks rather uneven because of the frogged wool but once it is washed it will be ok.