Some remedial work in the garden

We have a problem with moss on the so called lawn in our garden and my husband has tried to get rid of the moss but with no success so we have decided to get rid of the lawn instead.This photo gives you an idea of how poor the lawn is so we are making garden beds with pathways instead.

I started out by extending the original beds slightly

and then putting a couple of beds in the middle of the lawn.

I have only cut out the shapes and haven’t done the digging yet on this side of the garden.

This is the other side of the front garden before I started work.

I have managed to get a bit more done on this side. This is it marked out ready for digging.It is tough going as the soil is compacted and full of couch grass roots and moss.  Good exercise for me.

This is what garden websites have to say about couch grass which doesn’t get enough sun or water.

Couch lawn, however, can become straggly, form bare patches and look very poor if it does not receive enough water or nutrients (fertiliser), or is growing in the shade, which is too heavy for the lawn to tolerate.

Couch is also an invasive grass. It will require garden edging to ensure that it doesn’t begin to grow into and overtake garden beds. This is easily done through regular garden maintenance by pulling out any runners which have crept into the garden. It’s when we do not do this regular maintenance that we can begin to find Couch that may have grown excessively into our shrubs and bushes.”

One bed done, three to go.  The pathways will be done in eucalyptus chip so the finished result should be less maintenance for us.  We have ordered soil to top up the beds so they are raised above the level of the pathway.

Some garden activity

We demolished some concrete at the back of our back shed and we were going to take it to the recycling centre but the cost of depositing the concrete was over $200 so we thought there must be some other means of disposal.  We came up with the idea of creating a mounded garden bed at the edge of our front garden.  It is part of the nature strip but our nature strip is about four metres wide and we have a dirt road in front of that.

We covered the rubble with soil and we will plant some ground cover over that.  It is a less expensive method of disposal.


Some serious garden renovation

We have two vegetable garden beds and they have not been producing as well as they should and we had finally decided that the reason for that is the invasion of roots from the pittosporum hedge.

I have completely dug up one bed and am now in the process of doing the same to the second bed.  It has taken a great deal of hard work to dig down deep and remove all the offending roots.  It is amazing that the roots have penetrated all the way along the bed from the hedge to the other end.  It was a miracle that anything had managed to grow at all although weeds seem to have no difficulty.

You can see from this shot that I am about half way along the second bed so I should get it finished in another day.

I have now completed the digging and have managed to get some seedlings and seeds planted.  I also transplated some of my strawberry plants.  I reduced the number of plants by about half.  I also transplanted the parsley and it seems to be doing fine.  Those are peas under the netting as we have an issue with bower birds eating our plants.


A small version of a parterre for the back yard

I would call it a garden bed but my husband calls it a parterre and has been planning to put one in the backyard for quite some time and after much contemplation he finally decided what he was going to do.

The area where the parterre was to go was a “nothing area’ beneath the clothesline.

beforeHe removed the rosemary bushes and planted them elsewhere and then it was time to start on construction.

The finished parterre is much nicer and hopefully we will get the benefit of some useful herbs.

parterreIt won’t take too long for the small seedings to grow into reasonable sized plants. The area looks much tidier now and we still have access to the washing line.

The herbs planted were; chives, sage, lime balm, thyme, rosemary, pennyroyal and memory herb. At the very front are two cucumber plants to trail over the edge of the parterre. A sunny photo and a cloudy one.  Not much grass around as a result of the very hot weather this summer.  It will green up over the winter.