The darkest purple

I have posted about my favourite iris in previous years so here is this years. I love the darkness of the purple.

Change in the garden

In August 2019 we started work on fixing up our front garden.  We had lawn that was not really what you would call lawn as it was full of moss and very rarely if ever looked lush. I decided to make some garden beds to replace much of the lawn.  I set out the hose…

Our own “natural” rotary hoe

We were surprised to find one of our garden beds had been turned over as if it had been hoed. On further inspection of the garden we discovered some small holes, a little like the spider holes we sometimes find in the garden.  The holes are formed when the echidna pokes its snout into the…

An abundance of blooms

We are so fortunate at the moment to have some amazing blooms in the garden. Our hibiscus, proteas and leucadendrons are flowering profusely. We have one large protea bush in the garden and that is where the bulk of the blooms come from. We have, over the years, planted other proteas and they are now…

Nature in the garden

This incredible insect was resting on one of our outdoor chairs.I looks just like a eucalyptus leaf. My husband did a bit of research in the internet and discovered that it is a childrens stick insect. Its scientific name is Tropidoderus childrenii.  There are some beautiful photos on the internet.