Replacing the damage done.

I recently bought a few plants to replace some of those plants that were destroyed in the heatwave we had where the temperature was over 40 degrees.  The heat burnt the new growth on many of our plants but some plants were so badly scorched that they died and had to be replaced.

The plants are mainly natives.  You can probably pick out a protea, a waratah, a banksia and a correa.  Unfortunately we also lost our banksia coccinea but I have been unable to get a replacement for that.  I will just need to keep an eye out for one in the future.

We also had to replace some of the plants in our recently planted lilli pilli hedge.

These are the two new plants and the following photos are the plants that did survive with some new growth.

It will be interesting to see if any more new growth happens further up the plants.

On a positive note, the garlic I planted has taken off.

Three months worth of gardening!

The down side of being away is the fact that your garden keeps on going and so do the weeds! I now have to get the garden back into shape.  We were fortunate that our neighbour kept the outdoor pot plants watered so they were still alive when we got home.

Our vegie patch was looking very sad so I spent the first day fixing that up and planted a few things, all be it a  little late but hopefully we will get some produce.


Unfortunately our garlic hasn’t survived.  The tops are dead and there is very little growth on the bulbs.  I guess we should be thankful that there is anything there at all.


The strawberries are good

strawberriesbut the raspberries have turned up their toes.

dead raspberry canesI will need to get new canes from one of my daughters as I gave them canes when our raspberries were producing lots of canes.  The lack of consistent watering really does cause a problem with some aspects of the garden however we have a beautiful bougainvillea and lovely roses.




A garlic garland, well it is really a plait.

We have grown garlic a couple of times but only ever one or two bulbs.  This year my husband planted lots of garlic and we have gathered a bumper crop.

garlicThis is just some of the garlic we produced.

My parents were keen gardeners.  I should say my father was a keen gardener as my mother had no spare time left to enjoy gardening.

mum dad tomatoes 69As children we were encouraged to help in the garden.  I’m not sure if at all times it was helpful.

Gardening BonavistaThat early encouragement from my parents ensured that I became a keen gardener too.  That’s me with my bottom in the air.

I have spent many happy hours in the garden and it is always special when there is produce to show at the end of your hard work.


Metung Markets again

Today was Market Day in Metung.  I have written previously about our market.  Today the weather was a little better than when I last posted about the market so I took the opportunity to take a few pictures. If you click on some of the pictures it will take you to websites with more information on the products.

We have some wonderful stall holders at the market and today I took the opportunity to buy dry-salted olives, Gravenstein apples, blackberries and some leucadendron.  My husband bought cider and cheese.