It has taken five attempts before I got it right

My granddaughter would like me to make her a new blanket as the previous one has given up the ghost.  I thought I might be able to make her one from the wool I have in my stash so I started with this ball first.

woolThe wool is lovely and soft but I realised after crocheting a couple of rounds that the blanket wouldn’t last long as some sections of the wool are very fine ply.  It wouldn’t take much for the strand to get broken so I left that ball and tried another.

granny blanketThis one was much more consistent in ply but I don’t like the overall pattern.  The wool is also quite scratchy.

I tried another ball, this time in cotton just to see if I like the bright colours.cotton granny squareI love this so I will get some lovely soft wool in similar colours and make the blanket in that.  The other attempts will get finished off to use as blankets for the dolls.

I have been to the wool shop now and bought two different balls of wool.  This wool looked fine as a ball of wool but here it is crocheted.

dull coloursAs you can see the colours are rather dull, not at all what my granddaughter would like, so it is now a blanket for the dollies.

The second ball of wool was only 50 grams so I needed to put it with something else so I had enough for a blanket.  I had some lovely wool/cashmere blend in off white so I decided to use that to go with the bright colours.

granny blanketI think Miss M will like the finished product.

granny blanket mark4






A blast from the past

When we were recently in Sydney we were staying with my brother and his wife.  My sister-in-law brought an item out of her wardrobe to show me.  I was amazed that she had kept this item for so long.  It must be at least forty years old!

ponchoA very simple crocheted poncho.  I have no idea where I got the pattern but it looks like it is a granny square without the centre.  Great that she kept it for so long.

Deconstruction and reconstruction

A while ago I made a cardigan for our youngest granddaughter.  I wrote about it here. It was a piece of crochet done while I watched cricket.

Recently, when visiting my younger daughter she asked me if I would be able to make the cardigan bigger again.  I had already added a row more of crochet squares to the original cardigan.  This time I thought I would take the cardigan apart and increase each of the squares by an extra round and that would make the cardigan large enough.  Our granddaughter is now one and this would be suitable for her at least until she is two.

crochet cardiganI have finished the squares so now I just need to join it all together.  It will be much bigger than the original.

A slight reduction in the wool stash

My most recent bit of knitting was using up some of the left over wool from the cardigan I had crocheted out of granny squares and some white wool left over from another project.

The pattern was from the internet and it is a free pattern from the website Dropsdesign.

I did vary the pattern a little as I didn’t include a back opening. I am happy with the result.

colourwork jumper

The brown pattern is supposed to be squirrels.  You need a bit of a stretch of the imagination there.

yoke sweater

Some more cricket creations

hatThis little number is from this book – Cute Crochet by Patons.

Cute Crochet The book was bought by my younger daughter as she wanted to make the little jacket.  She had bought the wool and when we were visiting her I asked if I could make the jacket for her.  She agreed and so I brought the pattern home and made the jacket and hat.

granny squaresThe jacket required 56 squares.( No I wasn’t crabbit while making the squares, the coaster just happened to be on the glass coffee table when I took the photo.)

joined squaresThe squares are then joined in a very simple pattern to produce the finished jacket.

finished jacketA great idea for a simple jacket for a baby.  A cute little number.

I do get there in the end. . .

The granny square shrug is finished.  The colours look a bit washed out here but I am delighted with the finished product.

It will look much nicer on my daughter than it does lying on the floor!

I finished this little neck scarf that I started a while back.  It had been put to one side. I think it is called an Ascot Scarf.  It is toddler sized.

My elder daughter asked me to knit it for my granddaughter.I have also been doing some Christmas craft. This is a little bag that I started last Christmas and have finally got around to finishing it in time for this Christmas!

I have also managed to finally finish my cardigan!