Four for a bike ride. Yipee!

Our first bike ride since the pandemic restrictions started. We had a terrific ride from Bumberrah to Bruthen and back.  As you can see we finished with a picnic.

I have really missed being able to ride with my friends and it was delightful to be able to ride with them again.

Tuesday Travels. . .Metung Bushland Reserve

With COVID19 it means that travel has not been happening other than in our local area.  We are fortunate in that we live very close to the Metung Bushland Reserve.Recently I have been using the Reserve for part of my daily walk.

On the previous few days there has been work happening on the water tank which is situated at the top of the reserve.

The water has been running for a few days and as we are under water restrictions at the moment I was concerned about this waste of water.  I discovered today that the tank is being drained for cleaning purposes and our water is being pumped from Sarsfield while this is happening.  I asked the workman why the indicator always appeared to be at the same level and he informed me that the mechanism had seized and it really was no longer used as technology has made it redundant,

The Reserve is a lovely part of Metung to walk through, so completely different to the boardwalk along the lake’s edge.

Over 70. . . . . living in Victoria. . . . .self isolate they advise.

Well I am now going to have to stay home totally.  No walks or bike rides.  Luckily the garden is fairly big so I can do a walk round that a few times a day.

This morning I decided I had better break out the WII console and get back into doing my WII routine.

The machine told me at the end of my 30 minute routine that it was 194 days since I had last done my routine. It also told me that I had gained 1 kilogram since then.  I thought it would have been much more.

I have to say that my balance is not as good as it was when I last did my routine.  I will need to work on that.  Obviously the exercises help with improving balance.  I do a mix of yoga and muscle building exercises.

Have you been advised to self isolate yet?

I went further than I intended.

I recently went for a bike ride as I am trying to up the number of kilometres I do during a month.  I intended to ride from Nicholson to Bumberrah and back but found that was only a very short ride so decided to continue on to Bruthen, have some lunch and then return.

It was a cool day which was much appreciated after the extremely hot weather we have been having.

There has been a considerable amount of clearing on either side of the rail trail which I imagine has been done so the trail acts as a fire break.  We have had strong winds recently and I imagine that is what has caused this fallen tree.  I had to lift my bike over the lower log and clamber under the upper log in order to continue on my way.

I enjoyed a pleasant lunch in Bruthen and then headed back home.  A total of 45.36 kilometres.


Six years ago

I was reminded on Facebook of a post I had published six years ago and I thought it was worth visiting again.The chart is small but if you click on the image you will be able to read it.  There are some points that are well worth noting.  I think the amount of sitting I have been doing recently with the Big Bash cricket on television means that my health should be suffering.  I hope I manage to do all the right things to alleviate possible negative impacts of too much sitting.

More Metung news

There has been more happening in the village recently.  For a few years now there has been talk of hot springs being developed here in Metung.  Many years ago there was a thermal pool near Chinaman’s Creek but it was closed down and sealed over by EPA.

Apparently the company that operates the Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs are now going to develop a similar site here in Metung.

This is what it will eventually look like.

At the moment all that is visible is this.

That is where a bore went down to locate the hot water.

I recently visited the hot springs in Mornington and I am delighted that one day we may have something similar here in Metung.